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Making moves
Status: New idea

In Firefox Android, when you maximize a video player , the text "Entering full screen mode" appears. It stays there for a few seconds and blocks the video controls and subtitles. I see no purpose for this popup message because it is obvious that the video player is maximized. Please remove it.

Status changed to: New idea
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Strollin' around

At first I disagreed because I thought "well, the user needs to be alerted to things taking over fullscreen".

But then I realised there's no confirmation dialog, it's just a passive alert, so if the user really didn't want fullscreen it would be too late anyways.

And, a dialog would be too obstructive, so basically the best solution is to skip it altogether.

New member

Therre should be some config option to enable/disable this popup on firefox mobile.

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Hi. Thanks. My mobaile is a Android10 Ram128 Memory4