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Making moves
Status: In development

In Firefox Android, when you maximize a video player , the text "Entering full screen mode" appears. It stays there for a few seconds and blocks the video controls and subtitles. I see no purpose for this popup message because it is obvious that the video player is maximized. Please remove it.

Status changed to: New idea
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Strollin' around

At first I disagreed because I thought "well, the user needs to be alerted to things taking over fullscreen".

But then I realised there's no confirmation dialog, it's just a passive alert, so if the user really didn't want fullscreen it would be too late anyways.

And, a dialog would be too obstructive, so basically the best solution is to skip it altogether.

New member

Therre should be some config option to enable/disable this popup on firefox mobile.

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Hi. Thanks. My mobaile is a Android10 Ram128 Memory4

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This is a dreadful UI choice.  You must at least have an option to toggle this off.  I created an account just to leave this comment.

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Completely agree, it's very annoying and completely useless.


it blocks subtitles, and controls, have to rewind every single time i enter full screen to see what I've missed in the sub titles.

Strollin' around

I agree that there should be an option to disable this entirely. I don't need a message telling me when Firefox goes into fullscreen mode, because as a human being, I have these things called eyeballs and they have the amazing ability of letting me know that Firefox went into fullscreen mode, because I can see the title bar and the Android controls disappear. Shocking I know - apparently very few of us actually have this ability - but for those of us who do, it renders this prompt as utterly useless and invasive.

But since the Firefox team seems to have a track record of ignoring common sense and leaving these sorts of features in despite complaints, and because I know they'll just sweep complaints under the rug with some "blah blah it's for security purposes, so you don't get pushed/scammed!" reasoning, I'll ask: if you're not going to get rid of it like we want, can you at least put it ANYWHERE else on the screen except DIRECTLY OVER the video controls?? Just put it at the top instead.

New member

This is the MOST annoying feature from Firefox, every video I have to rewind cause it blocks subtitles

Also, if I misclick full screen or want to go back quickly I cannot because this dumb UI element blocks everything

Status changed to: In development
Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey all,

Good news...

This is being worked on — we'll share updates as they are ready. 

Thanks again for sharing feedback and helping push this work forward 🙌