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Making moves
Status: New idea

Dear Mozilla Team,

I am reaching out with a compelling proposal to establish a dedicated Mozilla Email Domain, providing users with addresses like, or equivalent.

This initiative aims to go beyond the capabilities of Thunderbird, creating a full-fledged email Domain service comparable to mainstream providers such as Gmail and Outlook.

This endeavor aligns with Mozilla's commitment to user privacy and security, offering a trustworthy alternative in the competitive email service landscape.

The Mozilla Email Domain would not only strengthen the brand but also unify the user experience within the Mozilla ecosystem, reinforcing the values of openness and user-centric design.

By introducing a Mozilla Email Domain, you have the opportunity to offer users a seamless, secure, and privacy-focused email solution.

This service would stand as a testament to Mozilla's dedication to empowering users with alternatives that prioritize their digital well-being.

With features such as integrated security measures, cross-device compatibility, and a commitment to minimal ads, the Mozilla Email Domain could become a cornerstone of trust for users seeking a reliable and privacy-respecting email experience.


List of Benefits:

1. **Brand Reinforcement:** Strengthen the Mozilla brand with a dedicated email domain like, or equivalent.
2. **Privacy-Centric Solution:** Offer users a privacy-focused alternative to mainstream email providers.
3. **Trustworthy Platform:** Leverage Mozilla's reputation for trust and commitment to user security.
4. **Unified Ecosystem:** Create a seamless user experience within the broader Mozilla ecosystem.
5. **User Control:** Empower users with greater control over their digital identity and data.
6. **Open-Source Integrity:** Maintain Mozilla's commitment to open-source principles for transparency.
7. **Enhanced Security Measures:** Implement robust security features to protect user information.
8. **User Education:** Promote digital literacy and educate users on privacy best practices.
9. **Cross-Platform Compatibility:** Ensure a consistent experience across various devices and platforms.
10. **Minimal Advertisements:** Provide an ad-minimal environment for users' email interactions.
11. **Alternative to Mainstream Services:** Offer users a credible alternative to mainstream email providers.
12. **Innovative Features:** Explore new and innovative features to differentiate the Mozilla Email Domain.
13. **Comprehensive Customer Support:** Establish reliable customer support to address user concerns.
14. **Interoperability with Mozilla Products:** Enable seamless integration with existing Mozilla products.
15. **Offline Access:** Allow users to access their emails offline for increased convenience.
16. **Global Accessibility:** Extend the service to users globally, fostering inclusivity.
17. **Advanced Spam Protection:** Implement sophisticated spam filters for a clutter-free inbox.
18. **Collaboration Tools:** Integrate collaborative tools within the email platform for increased productivity.
19. **Two-Factor Authentication:** Strengthen security measures with two-factor authentication options.
20. **Language Support:** Provide support for multiple languages to cater to diverse user bases.
21. **User Feedback Loop:** Establish a channel for user feedback to continuously enhance the service.
22. **Customization Options:** Allow users to personalize their email experience within the Mozilla Email Domain.
23. **Educational Resources:** Offer resources to educate users on privacy and security best practices.
24. **Energy Efficiency:** Commit to sustainable and green computing practices in data centers.
25. **Custom Domain Integration:** Allow users to use their own domains for a personalized experience.
26. **Efficient Search Functionality:** Implement powerful search features for quick and efficient email retrieval.
27. **Internationalization:** Cater to users worldwide by supporting various regional needs.
28. **Seamless Account Management:** Simplify account management with a single sign-on for Mozilla services.
29. **Social Responsibility:** Promote social responsibility by adhering to ethical data handling practices.
30. **Community Engagement:** Foster a sense of community among Mozilla Email Domain users, encouraging collaboration and support.

Status changed to: New idea
Community Manager
Community Manager

Thanks for submitting an idea to the Mozilla Connect community! Your idea is now open to votes (aka kudos) and comments.

Community Manager
Community Manager

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Strollin' around

Yes!! +1 for sure, and very well-written. Thank you for submitting!

New member

Yes, please. but i dont think Mozilla would use the domain for emails but the instead. Just like google with

Familiar face

Got to wonder how this grand plan would be funded? What would a reasonably cost me email address be each year, given Mozilla will not use your personal information as the medium of exchange as Yahoo, Google, Outlook etc do.  Who is going to pay, and how much is reasonable.

New member

It could offer a opportunity to greatly overhaul Thunderbird and boost it's popularity so people aware of it as a email client they would actually want to use.

Strollin' around

Interesting idea. I reckon the main obstacle would be competing with ProtonMail

New member

@MattAuSupportgood point. I think it would be reasonably only for donaters at first?

Strollin' around

I would pay for this.

New member

Thanks for this idea, its really useful and necessary

Making moves

I agree

Making moves

If Mozilla has an email service, I hope it can be used by Chinese

New member

Voting FOR this proposal.  I think I've been Google searching for Firefox and Mozilla email service for 10+ years!  I want it to exist.