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Status: Delivered

Currently on Firefox mobile, to refresh a page requires either clicking on the url and pressing enter, or on the three dots drop-down menu and clicking on the refresh page button. It would be useful to simply drag down when at the top of the page to refresh content.

Making moves

I believe this is already in the Nightly version (aka the test version of FF mobile) but they're just ironing out some bugs before releasing it in the wild.


This is implemented in the [Nightly version of Firefox for Android]( It still needs some additional refinement before it can be shipped to release users.

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Pull To Refresh is available in Nightly, has been for a while, but from my understanding the reason it hasn't been ported into Stable or Beta is because it's buggy.

Personally, I don't mind using the Refresh Button. In fact, I prefer Refresh Buttons over Pull To Refresh. That being said, you can try Nightly and see for yourself if it's what you want.


The "Nightly" pre-release version has had pull-to-refresh for a long time. I'm not sure why it hasn't been added to the stable release but there seem to be some bugs left to be solved:

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@KevinBrosnanif this feature exists in the nightly version, I guess we can update the status of this idea to "In development"?

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Please add in pull to refresh on Firefox mobile, everything else has it and pressing the triple dot every time gets tiresome after a while.

Making moves

@KevinBrosnan Is there any updates on potentially when this would be available in the stable version? @Jon should the status be changed on this idea to "In development" now if it is in the nightly releases?

Thanks in advance both.

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I came here for the same idea. Hopefully it will be added soon to other versions besides the Nightly...


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Add the option of refreshing the current page by swiping from up to down, like Chrome for Android.

It would be very useful.

Status changed to: New idea
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