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Status: New idea

Instead of forcing an update that ridicules your servers, as many exploit hacks do, give the individual users a choice. And listen to the votes. Mozilla is quickly becoming the IE. And we all know where that lands us.

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Updates on start up disrupt the user, and one is often inclined to just use a different browser during the hold up. Updates should be offered in the browser menu so the user can opt to update Firefox when they are ready.

Status changed to: New idea
Community Manager
Community Manager

Great minds really do think alike! @Waz, your idea already exists in the Mozilla Connect community, so we will merge this post into that thread to keep the conversation focused in one space—and also to make sure votes aren't split.

Feel free to use this thread to add any extra input and to keep the conversation going.

Or if you feel like this idea is different enough than the other, let us know.


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I really hate those dictator-like forced updates.

I usually have a lot of tabs open with different edits which sometimes takes days to complete. The updates ruin my workflow and - in case I forget a tab with edits - I lose work. And: to close some tabs I need to do some research which is impossible when each new tab asks me to "restart Firefox". This is my system. I'd like to chose the behavior if possible.

This behavior really sucks. And there is no option in the settings where I could change this to be less intrusive like reminders or similar which would allow me to choose the moment an update would fit in my work.

If that's not possible I'd have to switch the browser - which would be a shame because apart from this (really stupid and user unfriendly) behavior I like Firefox which I use as long as I can think back.