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Status: New idea

Hello Thunderbird. Long time user here.

There are many here and there posts about size increase for received email body. Nowadays many emails are in HTML style, especially those from subscriptions, so playing with font sizes does not always work.

I played with settings font and colors but it works partially. Plain text emails yes it is bigger but also bigger for everybody, subscription emails - no, still small to look at high res screen.

Anyways html based emails I need to zoom via CTRL+MouseScrollUp/Down on my Macbook.

Can you please add this as a menu under read view (or in Settings) to make it default like in Google Chrome for example has 25-500% or something like that?

Thunderbird 115.6.0 (64-bit), Sonoma 14.2

Status changed to: New idea
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Making moves

This feature is already in Thunderbird, and it works very well.

Strollin' around

@davidsk- the ask is to add it as a menu option!

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yes, functionality is partially there.

Ask is about:

a) save zoom state, because when I zoom email body and then close that email and open new or even same email, my zoom resets.

b) show somewhere current zoom % because when I do it I don't know what is the increase/decrease

c) add functionality to settings


Strollin' around

Kudos for this feature request!!!

The web is full of questions of how to set the default zoom level for Thunderbird.
The usability of TB suffers greatly if one has to zoom in on each and every new message tab one opens.

It has not been an issue for a long time, because an Addon "Default Zoom" existed. But not anymore.

Other applications displaying HTML-content have a default-zoom-setting as a matter of course, like KMail, Firefox, Google Chrome, ...

Please add this feature to enhance the usability of Thunderbird.

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Well done! This is a real problem for users like me with 4K monitors.

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This is really a must-have feature!

New member

A simple, if you don't have to code it, addition that makes Thunderbird so much more user friendly and focused.  Its the little things that annoy people.  This fixes that.

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This feature would be very welcome, especially, as said above, on 4k monitors. Having to mess around with the zoom level each and every time is so annoying.

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Yes, i also need zoom setting to be permanent, it seems to be the only setting that actually just increases the email text, i don't want my whole UI to become huge and reflow everything, i just want the email text to be permanently bigger.

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Please solve this now!
It can not be that hard?