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Strollin' around
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With the version Firefox 109 release, you added this new button without the option to change its position or move into the overflow area. Please let use move it. I can remove/hide almost every other UI element in the browser, why not this?

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As a workaround, the button could be disabled via about:configextensions.unifiedExtensions.enabled = false. After a FF restart the Extensions appear in the Overflow menu, which is customizable.

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Ugh, what a weirdly random user hostile action. Don't add buttons that can't be removed to the otherwise customizable toolbar.

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I'm in the minimalist camp also and like only having things I regularly use on my FF window. Anything else is an annoyance. Please let us drag this into the overflow.

While we're on the subject of unmoveable buttons. Can we also get the option to move the down arrow tab search button into the overflow as well?


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I agree, I want to be able to move this (as well as a few other things I cannot move).

I have a couple of different Firefox profiles. In my my profile, the horizontal tab bar is hidden using userChrome.css (while I continue my search for the perfect vertical tabs extension, wishing I had a vertical toolbar distinct from and beside a collapsible sidebar, like the one in Vivaldi available to me), and I do not use the overflow menu, I put all my Firefox-native buttons and extension buttons on the menu bar, to the right of the actual classic menu, and the menu bar is enabled 99% of the time.

I would like to be able to put this new extensions button on the menu bar, with the other buttons. In my profiles that do not have the horizontal tab bar hidden, the extension button is on the main toolbar but outside of the address area. In my profile with the horizontal tab tab hidden, the extensions button gets moved into the address area of the main toolbar, along with the Reader View button, and one of the two buttons provided by the Firefox Multi-Account Containers addon (it's weird that I can move one of these buttons, but not both). Additionally the new tab button and open tabs dropdown menu button get moved out of the hidden horizontal tab bar, and onto the non-address area portion of the main toolbar. I can move the new tab button to the menu bar (and I can only even SEE the new tab button when I have the "customize toolbar" mode active, otherwise it is hidden, until I move it off the main toolbar and onto the menu bar).

Sometimes if I am doing something like watching Netflix, I do like to hide the menu bar temporarily, and close the vertical tabs sidebar, getting as close as I can to the native Ctrl + F11 UI-hiding-but-NOT-fullscreen behavior in Vivaldi). In those times and in general I prefer the main toolbar and address area to be as bare and clean as possible. I'd like to have ALL buttons on either the menu bar, or some future, secondary, toggleable/hideable VERTICAL toolbar (distinct from the wider sidebar, perhaps not even on the same side of the browser as the existing sidebar). I'd like to have BOTH buttons for the multi-account containers extension TOGETHER on the menu bar, I'd like to have the Reader View button TOGETHER with the Tranquility Reader button on the menu bar (because Reader View does not work over every site, so I sometimes have to fall back to Tranquility Reader), and I'd like to have the tabs dropdown menu button TOGETHER with the new tab button (which I can't even see, until I move it off the main toolbar) in the menu bar. Even the overflow menu button and hamburger menu buttons I'd like to be able to move to the menu bar (when someone has a large desktop or laptop screen, a hamburger menu button will never be a replacement for a normal menu bar, particularly when the entries among the two UI elements are not the same, and particularly in operating systems / graphical shells where this traditional menu can be exported to the OS / DE top bar, to save even more space, as was the case with the Ubuntu Unity 7 desktop environment, a particular extension for KDE Plasma 5 (Active Window Control I think it is called, as well as macOS.

All I want left on the main toolbar (for me personally) is:

  • the forward and backward navigation buttons
  • the protections, site information, and permissions dropdown menus (which seem to be three distinct entities now)
  • the combined address and search bar
  • the zoom level (shown even if at 100%)
  • the bookmark status star dropdown

I want all of the UI customizable, and there are features of Vivaldi (and even Edge) that should be present in Firefox, particularly with Firefox bleeding marketshare, and now also with Mozilla dividing attention to sponsor a new Mastodon instance, after previously almost spinning off the Thunderbird project if I recall correctly, then shutting down a phone thingie no one asked for, and then laying off staff last year if I am remembering correctly. Please make Firefox a power browser for power users, and at least give it optional UI parity with your Vivaldi and Edge competitors.

Here is a screenshot of my in-progress profile with the horizontal tab bar hidden, and the menu bar also used as a toolbar:

Screenshot from 2023-01-22 12-43-18.png

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Wish I could edit my last (long) comment, but I'd also like to retain the container tab name in the primary toolbar (a better screenshot to reflect more UI elements and a LONG URL even without UTM strings and such ... note that sometimes I also tile two Firefox windows side by side ... in lieu of the Vivaldi tab tiling functionality ... no Firefox addon gets this exactly right .... and when these two windows are side by side, I just try to make sure at least the Firefox menu and navigation buttons are still visible in the narrower window ... but I'd like to have this entire Firefox UI still visible, with two tabs tiled side by side under/inside the uncompromised actual browser UI in a single window, the address area and other UI elements just acting on the tiled tab that currently has focus, and without resorting to some "moble" view of a page and other distracting UI addon-specific UI elements as with the Sideview addon, the Vivaldi tab tiling behavior does not suffer from any of these bugs):

Screenshot from 2023-01-22 13-05-04.png

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On top of the ability to move or hide the extension button, I'm requesting that we be able to hide which extensions appear in the button. I have a ton of extensions, and half of them just run in the background. This thing is completely cluttered.


Just on a personal level, the inclusion of this button seems entirely redundant. We have an overflow menu, to hide the things we only sometimes want to deal with, and a menu for extensions... that we only sometimes deal with. This feature bugs me so much I made an account on a forum just to complain about it.

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I've build some automation  that depends on icon's to be on the right place. This change has destroyed my scripts and it would be quite some work for me to fix that. Moving or removing the button would be great.

Making moves

What they said.

Making moves

The fact that we cannot remove it, under the normal customize firefox option, is absolutely ridiculous. If I want to do something with an extension, I know where to find it. I don't need an ugly looking puzzle piece just hanging out in the corner of my screen, taking up extra menu-bar real estate. I mean really, is that not what the menu icon is there for?! -- Hello, McFly!

Please, Mozilla, STOP messing with stuff that works and stop taking things away from us that we like. Come on man! -- WTF!

The least ya'll could've done is make it removable under customization. But noooooooooo! -- You just had to keep that from us -- didn't you!?!

Strollin' around

The new button is totally fine a long as a user can remove it. As with other firefox toolbar buttons the new one should be customizable with "Customize toolbar" action, where you can stash it or move to Overflow Menu. A good note from another related topic:

@CocoTheMii wrote:

The nice thing about the old design is that it makes your extensions feel like a native part of the browser; the overflow menu can hold extensions and native controls

Providing extension permissions information per-site is definitely a good feature, but its current realization is not so good.