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Status: New idea

I am currently using firefox on an android phone and the shortcuts are my favorite feature on the homescreen and I'd be glad if I had more ways of customizing them!

For instance, I would love to rearrange the shortcuts on my home screen into a custom order, preferably via drag and drop.

Apart from that I would like to be able to  have more than eight shortcuts on my homescreen because I don't use the other options.

Lastly I would also like to be able to turn off automatic additions from my history to the shortcuts on my home screen so I have only the ones I want to see because the automatic recommendations are often just another page on the same domain which is unnecessary.

Thank you for considering my suggestions!

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iOS App also needs it!

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A crude way to customize the order of the shortcuts is to delete them all and then, one by one, add each shortcut back in the order that you want them to appear.

I would be much better to have functionality to actually move the around per the other comments.


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Shortcuts on home page of Firefox for Android are not flexible, clumsy and make no sense

I don't quite understand the reasoning behind "Shortcuts" function on home page of Firefox for Android. When you enable it, it slaps 16 of them (in two scrolling pages) on Firefox for Android home page and that's it. You can then pin them, but it for some reason insists you need 16 of them there at all times. Why?

There is "Recent bookmarks" toggle and there is also "Recently visited" toggle. Yet for some reason both are also shoved into "Shortcuts" toggle for some reason (and yes, I have Sponsored shortcuts DISABLED). It's terrible, makes Shortcuts use clusmy and just makes no sense at all.

Point of Shortcuts is that you pin things that you need the most and you want it there for quick and easy access. If I want to pin just 3 Shortcuts, then I want just 3 pinned shortcuts visible there, not 16 that I can't remove and are automatically there for some reason. If I only pinned 3 shortcuts to webpages, it should look like image I've attached. Is this really too much to ask? If I'll pin 16 Shortcuts, then display them in 8+8 across 2 scrolling pages like it's now, but don't do it automatically and populating the slots with recently visited webpages. It's just super not cool behavior no one wants. If someone wants recently visited pages, there is toggle for that and they can enable that. I just want Shortcuts to be MY SHORTCUTS and nothing else.

On top of that, they need to be draggable so users can drag and rearrange them on the home page in order they desire and not how they were bookmarked or alphabetically. Because some shortcuts may be more important and used regularly that user may want them in the very beginning.

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Thought on the how: homepage links could be managed as a bookmark folder & they already allow reordering & have a UI for doing so.


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(Firefox Mobile) Allow re-arranging pinned sites

I love the "shortcuts" feature in the mobile version of Firefox which allows pinning sites to a list on the new tab page. Particularly on a mobile browser, this is a very useful feature when it comes to getting to regularly used sites quickly.

What would really be the icing on the cake is if these could be long pressed and then dragged to rearrange the order (or some other implementation such as an edit mode). I like for the first page of shortcuts to be my most frequently used but the only way to "edit" the shortcuts is to delete them all and then carefully create them again in the intended order.


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(Note: similar ideas have been merged into this thread)

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On Opera Mobile you could reorder the shortcuts already since several years ago, on Firefox I am waiting for it for ages. Please act now! It is the only feature i really miss!

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I'm right on the edge of abandoning Firefox because of the Shortcuts headache.

I wanted to switch from Opera to Firefox for the superior page handling and ad blocking. But I'm constantly FRUSTRATED by the LOUSY SHORTCUTS PAGE. I can't take it anymore.

I'll check back on Firefox on a few months. But SENSIBLE SHORTCUTS ARE A DEAL BREAKER!