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Status: New idea

I am currently using firefox on an android phone and the shortcuts are my favorite feature on the homescreen and I'd be glad if I had more ways of customizing them!

For instance, I would love to rearrange the shortcuts on my home screen into a custom order, preferably via drag and drop.

Thank you for considering my suggestions!

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I was also just switching to Firefox from Opera and added all the shortcuts I used there, but stumbled upon this obvious missing feature... I can't show more than 8 at once (only shortcuts allowed on my home page) AND I can't rearrange them? What?! I thought it was 2023, but now I'm not sure anymore.

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👍 Kudos: Rearranging Shortcuts in Firefox for Android 🦊 via drag & drop: IMHO a MUST-HAVE new feature!

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I think just about every other mobile browser allows this except Firefox which is mind boggling.

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1. Please make the shortcut's link editable on home screen.

2. Please make the shortcuts moveable, so that we can arrange the shortcuts to our desired position!

3. Please give an option to turn off the Suggested Websites that appear near the shortcuts!

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Ability to re-order shortcut of website

As the title suggests, it would be great if the users can re-organize the order of the websites that have been added to shortcuts. 

For example, I would like to have the the 3rd item on the shortcut list to be the first instead.

App: Firefox (Nightly) on Android

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Ability to move pinned shortcuts on Firefox Mobile

One of the reasons I switched away from Chrome on mobile and PC was the ability to have a decent amount of shortcuts on my homepage.

I Enjoy organizing these on both PC and mobile, on PC I can move them around and somewhat organize them based on "type" of website they are and how often I use them.

Yet on Mobile once something is pinned in place, the only way to move it around is to delete ones in front of it to get it in place.

It's a tiresome process to do, so I have given up on changing it around at the same pace I do so on PC


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Possibility to sort manually the shortcuts

At the moment, the position of shortcuts is assigned automatically. It would be appreciated the possibility to arrange them manually

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I think you agree that the mobile version is very inconvenient to manage shortcuts on the homescreen, so I propose to add the ability to easily move them, so they do not have to delete and add to the right order, change their size, as well as put their custom icon, choosing from the gallery or by URL, as the browser detects some favorite shortcuts wrong and puts them ugly standard icon.

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That's a very good idea. By standard, these shortcuts can't be moved at all on the mobile version. And deleting them and re-creating them in the right order is very inconvenient. I think such a little thing should be introduced in the browser.

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Better shortcut customization would improve the browsing experience on Android greatly and I don't imagine it would be that difficult to implement compared to other features...