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Status: New idea

I am currently using firefox on an android phone and the shortcuts are my favorite feature on the homescreen and I'd be glad if I had more ways of customizing them!

For instance, I would love to rearrange the shortcuts on my home screen into a custom order, preferably via drag and drop.

Thank you for considering my suggestions!

New member

Why restrict the shortcuts to two blocks of 8 shortcuts? That's just weird.

Including the recently visited pages into today shortcut bar if they aren't all assigned is just plain wrong, particularly as there are other ways of displaying recently viewed pages. What a waste of resources.

Ideally, I'd like to be able to choose the number of shortcuts and the number of rows to be displayed as well.

In closing, Shortcuts are the only items I show on my homepage. While functional, is kind of dicky.

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On iOS Firefox Homepage, I have multiple pinned tabs to go specific sites quickly.

When I change order of them, I have to make unpinned all of them then pin again in order.

It is such a big deal, when pinned tabs are 7~8 and make to pinned tab without any mistake in order… plz help.

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Homepage arrange shortcuts by drag & drop

The best and safest browser. Last update "customize homepage" appeared on homepage and can't unpin it. Instead another 2 rows of shortcuts would be great. Also would be nice to arrange order of shortcuts by drag & drop.

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(Note: similar ideas have been merged into this thread)

Making moves

Agreed. Now my method is to gather them, pin them, then play with selectively pinning/unpinning until I acquire the desired order. *It can be done!* But this is a tedious affair, especially when adding a new member to the group. And, of course, shortcuts on my iPad *do not* sync with shortcuts on my iPhone, so double duty.