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The Multi-Account Containers extension is a very useful addon as it prevents websites from accessing all your browsing data by limiting it inside containers. I love this so much as it enhances the privacy. For example, I keep all meta related websites like facebook, instagram in a seperate container. So the only data they can access is between their own websites and not the rest of my browsing habits.

TLDR: Please bring this extension for Android!


New member

Interesting, I haven't looked at the ETP Custom settings.

In either case, the Multi-acc container is amazing tool that is very user friendly.
Personally, I would love to be able to utilize it on FF Android

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I'm shocked we don't have this feature already. I need my containers! 😧

Strollin' around

I would love it!
it would be gamechanger for apps!
It would be possible to use web versions for all apps but in containers! Like twitter in the container

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Please bring this onto Android for mobile!

Making moves

 @Jon any updates about this. I don't need the add-on i prefer have a built-in version like on desktop i use.

Community Manager
Community Manager

@Jeppie not that I'm aware of, but let me double check to see if there are any updates

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one of the main reasons i switched to firefox! i hope this comes to android soon!

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t would be cool if it would pop up

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