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The Multi-Account Containers extension is a very useful addon as it prevents websites from accessing all your browsing data by limiting it inside containers. I love this so much as it enhances the privacy. For example, I keep all meta related websites like facebook, instagram in a seperate container. So the only data they can access is between their own websites and not the rest of my browsing habits.

TLDR: Please bring this extension for Android!


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Community Manager

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Status changed to: Trending idea
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Community Manager

Hey all,

Here with an exciting update…

This idea has been upgraded to the status of “Trending idea.” This means it’s now one step closer to reaching our internal teams for review—learn more about The Idea Journey.

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The containers could be exposed in the interface like the private browsing, each container with an icon.


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This is an essential privacy feature that is really needed to make firefox great on mobile as well!

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I was looking for this yesterday when I got my new Android phone and was pretty bummed it wasn't possible to use yet 😞

This is by far the best extension on Firefox.

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I am fed up with existing browsers for android. Firefox is amazing. And multi-container is what I am looking for. I hope this feature will be included ASAP!

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+50,000 votes.

Containers is one of the very greatest ways of killing the evils of the web.

Migrated from Brave to FF this week, been telling everyone who will listen just how far it has come in a year.

I've also deleted many apps and use their services via FF only now.

Combined with AdGuard it's a mighty combo.

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I believe Firefox Containers show protect my browsing like it does on my PC!


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This, to me, is a prerequisite to synchronizing my tabs with mobile. Most of my pinned tabs live inside a specific container. Not to mention the fact that some of them use different logins on the same website.

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I've been using Temporary Containers for years (also not available for Android) and I was excited to find out that Mozilla has its own cookie container add-on now. I immediately searched and realized that it, too, is not available for Android, and I was saddened. Some of us do most of the browsing on our phones and it'd be really really nice to have this extension for Android

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Signed up to endorse this. Entirely essential on mobile and I'm surprised it's not already supported. This is a primary reason I switched to Firefox and makes syncing tabs from desktop, which are heavily containerized, largely useless

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pleeeaaase make this possible :-}

I regularly search for updates for this issue, today I found this thread. Other threads include: ==> ==> ==> references bugzilla#1638878 and many more (see dependencies) ==>

there are probably even more highly voted threads/issues to this topic. @Jon can you share this overview with the development team and find out to which extend developers in the community may help get this feature ready?

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I really want this feature.

Firefox lacks containers and translations on mobile.

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Adding containers to Firefox for Android would be an incredible improvement to user privacy and control. No other mobile browser has containers, and this powerful feature would set Firefox apart from the competition.

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Joined the community here to give this a 👍.

Consider too, that adding support for this would also enable using it with Firefox on ChromeOS (via Play store).