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The Multi-Account Containers extension is a very useful addon as it prevents websites from accessing all your browsing data by limiting it inside containers. I love this so much as it enhances the privacy. For example, I keep all meta related websites like facebook, instagram in a seperate container. So the only data they can access is between their own websites and not the rest of my browsing habits.

TLDR: Please bring this extension for Android!


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Containers on mobile, wether by extention or native support would be a tremendous victory for Mozilla, considering it will increase Firefox's popularity and overall reasons people should switch from other browsers to Firefox.


The usefulness of the feature cannot be overstated. Considering most people browse on their phones more than desktops this would result in a massive amount of people choosing to protect their data and putting "Big Data" inside an opaque glass jar. A victory for privacy and for Mozilla.

Looking forward to hearing about its developments.


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This feature is badly needed

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+1 (x 9999999999999)


Please make this happen!


Use case: I would love to use YouTube in Firefox while being signed in (now that Vanced is no longer functional). However, I cannot do this without exposing my Google searches to the YouTube account I'm using, in mobile Firefox at least.

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 They can make a mobile version add-on but they can also built in it. So that more people know about it. This is a great add-on for people with multiple accounts of the same website. 

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+1 👍

This feature is the main reason I switched from Chrome to Firefox, and I was surprised it wasn't available on mobile (yet). Hopefully that changes soon! 🤞

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 I think this will happen on the way @joshnog explained because a couple of days ago i downloaded firefox nightly for desktop and saw that containers where kind of built-in. It didn't look much different but it's still in nightly so changes are still possible. But if you ask me the built-in version looks very good. Maybe @Jon can confirm us some details of containers built-in desktop nightly.          

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This is not only my most missed feature on mobile, I would also consider this to be expected behaviour when adding a site to the home screen.

I mean, 'Add to Home screen' basically creates web app from any site. At least it feels like it. The browser UI is hidden. But still the cookies are shared? Sorry, that just feels wrong.

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Please support this! It's a really useful feature. Not only for privacy, but also for logging in with different accounts on the same website, e.g., logging in with two separate Reddit accounts in the same browser.

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This one is a standout feature of Mozilla Firefox. One of the main reasons why I am never satisfied with any other browsers out there. Even the open source ones. Please bring it to android too. So that I don't need too many browsers on my phone to access different accounts.

I know it's not a simple project. But I believe it can be implemented in the same way the 'Private tabs' and 'Sync Tabs' implemented. Tab group name should be container name, and container colour. Hope it will be implemented soon!

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Hell yeah. This add-on is urgently needed for Android. I'm fed up of Google tracking all my searches within my Google account because I cannot separate Google services into different containers.