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Making moves
Status: New idea

I mean, I'm not sure why it's not built-in by default!

I was looking for a way to always open a certain bookmark/URL in a certain container (makes sense right?) and only then realised you need the extra add-on (by Mozilla 😃) to make full use of container tabs.

Please integrate the functionality so we can take full advantage of such a great feature!

Link for everyone else:



Making moves

    Build container add-on into firefox directly like with firefox-translation add-on.   

Status changed to: New idea
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Making moves

I had no idea that the feature even existed as an add-on until I actually found it on the store. It should absolutely be integrated by default and it should be better advertised - I think that it's a really neat feature that sets Firefox apart from other browsers.

Strollin' around

Why are containers already inFirefox if they are almost unusable without the Extension? You can't even assign a Website to a container without the extension. The extension should be fully integrated into Firefox, not just partially like it is now