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I know Edge has this - very handy. You just right-click the page and Edge will generate a QR code for the URL.



I'm currently using this extension which is decent:


Making moves

QR code for tab sharing on a desktop browser natively

Chromium browsers already have this - right click on a page and select to get a QR code to scan with you phone or whatever.

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Clone Firefox tabs via QR code

A feature that generates a QR-Code or link to easily replicate open tabs in another Firefox session i.e. on another device not associated with the same account or at another point in time.

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Sometimes I don't use Firefox on my mobile devices so QR seems to be the best way to send links to other devices.

Making moves

I believe this add-on (by pudymody) currently provides the cleanest look

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Create a QR code with the address

Add a button to generate a QR code with the address page that is open. In this way I can read it easilly with my smartphone without any other account or login.

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Seconded. Firefox Android has the ability to scan QR codes, it makes sense for Firefox Desktop to offer QR codes.

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Brave Android Version also has this.

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This would be a great addition to the Android/iOS version(s) of Firefox and Firefox Focus, since some browsers (like Chrome/Brave) have customized QR code designs, a Firefox one could have a QR code with a fox (or other Mozilla-related icon) in the middle to show that it was made in Firefox.

Making moves

A use case for Android Firefox (at least): when you're with friends and want to share a link without having to send it to them or use NFC (which nobody seems to use or know how to use). With the diversity of devices and messaging platforms (FB messenger, imessage, signal, email, SMS 🤮), a QR code is way easier.

Which is probably why restaurants use QR codes🤷‍♂️