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Making moves
Status: Trending idea

I know Edge has this - very handy. You just right-click the page and Edge will generate a QR code for the URL.



I'm currently using this extension which is decent:


Making moves

We should have a QR based tab sharing.

This approach will allow the desktop users to scan the QR which will hold the current URL. By scanning the current URL from their mobile, they will be able to open the same in their mobile phone. They don't have to type the long URL manually.

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Thanks for the extension recommendation btw.

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Please, add the option "Generate a QR code for this page" at the right click menu natively (as in Microsoft Edge), because none of the extensions for this in the Add-ons store is monitorised for security reasons by Mozilla and it will be very useful.

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This idea has already been posted, you can vote for this idea here:

Making moves

Just to understand, this is a way to open a link with the mobile phone when you are in the front of your computer?

Firefox has natively when the Firefox account is configured on multiple devices to send a link to another device. Right click on the tab, share to a device and that's it.

It is more fast than a Qr code and doesn't require to use also the device itself.

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A native implementation would be nice or, at the very least, an approved add-on created/recommended by Firefox. I don't trust many of the current add-ons to not be collecting data or to be sold off and modified into borderline spyware, as has happened in the past.

Were it made to the usual Firefox standards (think the amazing screenshot tool), it could be expanded to into also scanning QR codes on the web without the need for a camera to do so.

Sending tabs via synced browsers is limited. In an office or school setting its more convenient if peers can generate and share links via QR codes. Rather than email or through a third-party messaging app. If anything, this should already be a feature, given the mobile app had possessed a native QR scanner for years.

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Community Manager

Hey all,

Here with an exciting update…

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Share page as QR code

Chrome has QR Code, Whatsapp, Twitter, FB messager

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Mte90, I know about this option, but there are several occasions when this is not possible.

As for myself, I don't want to sync my FF-Account on my work computer. The reason is simply me not trusting the company to not spy on me.

Something that also happens every now and then, is that I show something to my flatmate or a friend who is visiting, and they're like "cool, send this to me". A QR-Code would be super fast way, and not involve a 3rd party.

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I am supersized this hasn't been added yet. its a very simple addition.

Making moves

QR code for tab sharing on a desktop browser natively

Chromium browsers already have this - right click on a page and select to get a QR code to scan with you phone or whatever.

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Clone Firefox tabs via QR code

A feature that generates a QR-Code or link to easily replicate open tabs in another Firefox session i.e. on another device not associated with the same account or at another point in time.

Strollin' around

Sometimes I don't use Firefox on my mobile devices so QR seems to be the best way to send links to other devices.

Making moves

I believe this add-on (by pudymody) currently provides the cleanest look

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Create a QR code with the address

Add a button to generate a QR code with the address page that is open. In this way I can read it easilly with my smartphone without any other account or login.