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Making moves
Status: New idea

I spend a few hours on many days per week as a volunteer on SUMO, and I daily interact with users who are trying to import their profile when installing version 102. Being new to it, they do not realize that there is a nice new import feature - because it is not visible on the first screen they see. The assumption is that people starting Thunderbird want to first set up a profile, but many already have one. Placing a link here, in addition to the place where it already is, would be a boon to simplify the process of transferring profiles from one PC to another. This would also respect the intended workflow of users; the Email Wizard is fine for new users, but returning and upgrading users are the majority.

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Community Manager

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Thunderbird Product Manager here, we're working on it. Expect major improvements in this area in the next release.


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Out of the blue, a different version of Thunderbird popped up. It had no data, none of my 5 addresses - just an empty shell. I thought it might be a scam. How can I transfer all my saved emails and addresses from my old version to this new blank canvas.

This new version with lack of notice has rocked my confidence in Mozilla. I am very annoyed and disgusted.