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Status: Delivered

With version 98.0 the saving of .exe files won't ''ask me'' if i want to save the file like in previous versions.I read that the default saving attitude now is auto-saving. I have changed to ''always ask'' most of my content type like it was before, but the .exe type is missing. Please fix this on next version because a misclick - autosaving a .exe file can make things pretty bad. I have tried finding the ''Old Firefox'' folder in order to replace my old prefs.js but i guess newer versions have stopped using that folder.So please fix it.


FYI, this bug is in progress. You should be able to choose "always ask" for unrecognizable mime types once this work is implemented.



Please don't spam the bug unless you have helpful insight about the topic.

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It was really annoying to find that all the zip files I use to open with 7Zip were all in my downloads folder. This change is completely unnecessary and causes disk space to fill up and I have to MANUALLY remove the files. You know what doesn't need to be manually removed? THE TEMP FOLDER!
Seriously, why is it every release lately, something stupid is fixed or breaks and I spend sometimes hours on looking for a solution to fix it.

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The ability to open rather than download files was the sole reason for switching from chrome (primary) to Firefox (never used before).  This was years ago and it's been a steady feature that I use about every few minutes to download log files for a quick analysis, or open specific files that open in a program but do not need to be saved.

The loss of this feature makes it impossible to some of my tasks, and very cumbersome to do others.

Not having this feature will break how other programs run and my daily operations.

This will force me to look elsewhere for a browser that supports the needs of what I do at work and home.

Is there any discussion to fix or develop a work around?

Thanks for your consideration, Good Day!

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Dear Team,



Kindly bring back download feature version 97

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Yeah, putting to false really helped. Thanks @Ujudkma 🙂

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This is not a new idea. It comes from a previous firefox feature, that is now removed.

As a researcher, I need to open many endnote, excel, word and pdf files instead of saving them to a specific folder. This was one of the main reasons single users like me prefer firefox over chrome. In the last firefox update, this feature was removed, and now files can only be saved. Please remove this option and let the users choose choose whether files should be opened or downloaded by default.

Please stop imitating chrome, it is always bad. Stop forcing us add unnecessary steps to open said files.

Status changed to: In review
Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey all,

Here with another exciting update…

This idea has been upgraded to "In review" which means it will be brought to our internal teams for review—learn more about The Idea Journey. As soon as we have another update on its status, we’ll let you know right here in the comment section.

Stay tuned 😃

-The Community Team

Status changed to: In development
Community Manager
Community Manager

Great news!

Our teams have reviewed this idea (and the supporting comments) and the feature is now "In development."

A product manager will add a comment here shortly with more info.

-The Community Team


Thank you very much for your feedback. We are fixing this issue using the proposed solution here (image below). Feel free to follow this bug to track our progress or stay tuned here for updates on when it will be delivered.


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Great. For Firefox too please.