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I sometimes mark an email as unread so that I can later remind myself to go back to some important information in the text. In so doing, GMail places a check mark in the left margin box. Often I forget to uncheck the box. Sure enough, before I go back to the message I clean out my Inbox by sending older, no longer needed emails to trash. As currently constructed, ALL emails that I checked for trash AND those that I previously labelled as Unread and forgot to uncheck, are now transferred to Trash. At a later time, when looking for the email that I Marked as Unread, and failing to find it, if I have not yet deleted all trash, I can locate it in the trash. Unfortunately, I often realize that I have deleted the trash before I have rescued the Mark as Unread email--it's gone. Why must the check mark be inserted in the newly Mark as Unread email? It's already in bold type to emphasize that it is unread and a quick look at the topic will remind me that it's one that I saved for re-reading. Why not just leave it as bold and forget the check mark?