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Status: Delivered

With version 98.0 the saving of .exe files won't ''ask me'' if i want to save the file like in previous versions.I read that the default saving attitude now is auto-saving. I have changed to ''always ask'' most of my content type like it was before, but the .exe type is missing. Please fix this on next version because a misclick - autosaving a .exe file can make things pretty bad. I have tried finding the ''Old Firefox'' folder in order to replace my old prefs.js but i guess newer versions have stopped using that folder.So please fix it.

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The "download improvements" is not an improvement for everyone.

The probleme :

Changing behaviours of the software without optional test before, and without let an easy roll back solution for people who are completely ok with previous solution. I'm opening about 100 files a day and let them in my TEMP file is perfect for me. Having to save them manually each time make me lost about 30mn /  days...

The solution : set to false into about:config


But, anyway thanks for this -until this issue- absolute perfect internet browser. Thanks for your work.


Community Manager
Community Manager

Another update: the product team has informed us that this will be fixed in an upcoming release (102). Please feel free to follow along on Bugzilla for more info or stay tuned here 😃

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After a past update, the option to download files to a temporary directory (that was automatically deleted after Firexfox closed) and just open them, disappeared.

Now it's only possible to choose the location where fils will be saved after download.

Would it be possible to re-install that good old feature?

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I signed up here to specifically complain about this - please bring back the old default download/open window. The "download improvements" are not an improvement.

Did anyone actually ask for this change or was it done due to some conceptual purity argument?


Thank you everyone for your feedback!

We have good news! We have addressed this issue and you'll see it in our next release (Fx101) which comes out next week (May 31st).

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Thank you!  Success will be defined as FF going back to 98.0 and previous functionality, where the .PDF downloads would be (1) as directed in the master file, and (2) not downloaded twice by default into a "Downloads" directory.  If that's not the case, this ticket will be re-opened.  Thank you again for all your effort in continuing to make FF the most popular browser on the planet.  We appreciate it.

Making moves

Please give us back the option to only open downloads. Do not force us to download them all the time. My download folder is flooding with crap (again, after you seem to have disabled the effect of about:config > in the latest update).

The user should have the choice whether he wants to be safe (always download everything) or responsible (only download specific files outside the temp folder).

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This bad decision of only allowing files to download has continued to version 100.0.2. As others say, it is dangerous and unwelcome. Please fix this issue as soon as possible. Give users more control and more choice; Mozilla should be the opposite of Microsoft.

I also echo the criticism of the popup download list after downloads. It is unnecessary and unwelcome, with troubling privacy implications.

I once again regret updating Mozilla software. The new version rarely seem better. Instead they remove good features while adding unwelcome ones. Very disappointing.

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Thank you Venetia for the update. Its good to see FF community standing together and also FF devs for adding tweaks to bring back old features which everyone used. Thanks to all members who up-voted for the feature as well.

Waiting patiently to receive FF 101.x and check if the tweak works properly across pdf,xslx, docx, images etc.

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Thank you for the fix guys.At last  ❤️

Strollin' around

@VenetiaThe implementation could have been more elegant.


It could even serve as an easy way to use an external download tool.

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This has been changed, but it isn't fixed.

When you choose to open a document from the web, it still automatically saves it to your selected download folder. 

If I'm choosing to open a file, I don't want it permanently saved in a location I have to manually clean out.  This isn't any better than it was.

Strollin' around

I regret updating to 102.0.

Now every time I download a zip (for example), I'm presented with the "open or save" dialog. That would be OK (as it is what I expect and as I set my preferences).... BUT...

Now that darn dialog force me to choose with with program I want to open the file EVERYTIME!?!?!

It used to remember the last one until 101.x

Please, pretty please don't force me to downgrade, specially with that "downgrade protection" thing. I don't want to have to set up a new profile due to that.

Being using Firefox since Phoenix. Endured the pains of leaving behind XUL extensions (for which to this day I'm trying to find suitable alternatives), many changes that felt dumb to me... never complained...

But this messing up with the download workflow that worked perfectly until FF 98... finally broke me.

Was lucky to find " = false", but now FF 102 makes me mad again.

Edit: It seems I'm one of the affected user of the following bug:

New member

I agree with multiple commenters.  Firefox now automatically downloads files into the download folder despite my having changed the setting to Always Ask. I ALWAYS want the option to store the file in my preferred location and NEVER want it automatically placed in the downloads folder (a security risk for sure).

Fix this so that the Always Ask setting actually works / set it back to the way it was.


Firefox 102 - Temp Folder option

This thread has a lot of issues, but for those of you who were waiting, Firefox 102 now lets you revert from using your "Save Files to" folder as the default folder for "Open with [relevant application]" to the Windows Temp folder (or Linux /tmp folder). This is hidden away, so here's how to find it:

(A) In a new tab, type or paste about:config in the address bar and press Enter/Return. Click the button accepting the risk.

More info on about:config: Configuration Editor for Firefox. Please keep in mind that changes made through this back door aren't fully supported and aren't guaranteed to continue working in the future.

(B) In the search box in the page, type or paste and pause while the list is filtered

(C) Double-click the preference to switch the value from false to true (or click the toggle button toward the right end of the row)

If you notice any problems with it, please speak up. I don't think many people are using it yet, so feedback is needed.