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New member
Status: Delivered

Please bring back the ability to disable pull up refresh. So many times I have lost form data due to scrolling too fast or pinching to zoom. It’s so frustrating. Pull to refresh is great, but please give me the option. 

Status changed to: Delivered
Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey all,

This has been delivered — check out @jmahon's post to learn more.

As always, looking forward to continuing to collaborate with you all here on Mozilla Connect!

Share your next great idea.

New member

this is, as far as I can tell, still not resolved for iOS users.

New member

Why is there not an option to disable pull to refresh on iOS like there is on Android? Its broken behavior while pinching to zoom has caused me constant irritation. 

New member

Same here. I followed the steps in @jmahon ’s post but it seems it only applies to the Android version.

I never intentionally use pull to refresh personally. However it happens VERY often accidentally when zooming out, which makes no sense to me. Zooming out and refreshing should be completely separate actions in my opinion. 

In any case, and especially since the Android version has it, please also provider a way to disable this feature on iOS.

New member

It’s really bad ux. I lost posts on Xwitter and forums because of this