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Status: Delivered

Please bring back the ability to disable pull up refresh. So many times I have lost form data due to scrolling too fast or pinching to zoom. It’s so frustrating. Pull to refresh is great, but please give me the option. 

New member

I like how I can pull the page down on my phone to refresh it, but it's driving me insane when it refreshes as I'm zooming out.

A couple of use cases where this is a real annoyance:

1. My bank. When I'm logging in, I tap on the username box and the view zooms in. After I'm logged in, I want to zoom out to see the whole page (the desktop view is much better than the mobile view). 9 out of 10 times, the page then refreshes and I get logged out.

2. Making posts on a forum. When I tap on the new message textarea, it zooms in a little. After I've written my post, I want to read all of it, so I zoom out so I don't have to scroll sideways. 9 times out of 10 the page then refreshes and I lose everything I've written.

So there. Thanks for listening, possibly.

New member

Yes please! Don't know if it's a feature or a bug but it's very annoying. If u want to refresh I'll press the refresh page button.

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Strollin' around

Wait, where do you have this functionality? I am waiting for this on Firefox Android 😮

Making moves

Please please please please please add an option on ios to disable pull-to-refresh

Making moves

any chance to fix Truncated!

New member

More settings is always better. Making a setting and then getting rid of it is not cool. 

New member

The pull down to refresh feature doesn’t work very well. Sometimes I end up refreshing the page unintentionally which can be very unproductive. I’d like the option to disable this ‘feature’. More settings is always better. Making a setting and then getting rid of it is not cool. The mobile app should have an about:config with a whole bunch of settings like the desktop version.

New member

Pull to refresh feature added on the new uodate but i don't like it. There should be a option to disable that.


Hi all,

Thanks so much for the request & the comments. We promoted the "Pull to Refresh" behavior to be enabled by default in v112. If you'd like to disable the feature, there's an option in Settings - please check out the "Reload an Open Tab" section of this article for instructions on how to disable the feature.

Additionally, we understand there are some known issues with the sensitivity of the 'pull' gesture, and we're hoping to continuously improve on that. There are a number of bugs related to that attached to our "Pull to Refresh issues" metabug, in case you'd like to subscribe to updates for any of those.

Hope this helps!