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I open many tabs with YouTube or other website with video/music. I really lost to find active-playing tab. I know there is text "now playing", but that's not enough with many tabs opened. Furthermore, I attach the file with screenshot and on that screenshot active playing tab is the last, but it took me time to realize which tab now is playing. I really wish to make playing button on the tab to be little bigger and easier to distinguish, maybe with different colour and make permanently visible on the tab.


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Active tab highlighted in another color

Sometimes happen when I have opened several tabs going across whole screen (for example youtube), Fixrefox has an information about which tab is currently being played and display it below the tab name, but its not visible much and with multiple tabs open its hard to find out which one is currently being played. I suggest to make this tab that is playing video in different color so I can immediately see which ones are played. Thanks

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佈景主題 , 加強對比或外框加粗,更容易辨別目前使用中的網頁

Set the theme, strengthen the contrast or thicken the frame, it is easier to identify the webpage currently in use

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yeah I don't even get why this useful function would be canceled.

I use so many tabs and if I switch to another one I have to lose a lot of time just to identify which one has the sound/video playing.

I just can't understand why you would cancel that. for me it can only come from a mistake.

so please please, don't wait any longer or till this suggestion get a certain amount of kudos before putting that option back. it's simply a must have in any decent browsers.

thank you in advance 🙂

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Ability to customize visibility tab secondary text such as "autoplay blocked", "playing", etc.

I often open a bunch of tabs in the background (via middle click or similar) on a site such as YouTube while I have audio playing already.

All the newly open tabs will have "AUTOPLAY BLOCKED" as the secondary tab text since they are new and have never been focused before.

I now have a bunch of tabs with this text open and a tab from before that is playing audio that has "PLAYING" as a secondary text. It is extremely hard to find the tab that is playing audio since 10 other tabs have this useless secondary text that means nothing to me. I want to disable "AUTOPLAY BLOCKED" text from ever appearing and cluttering the tabs visually.

See attached screenshot and tell me if you can see at a glance which tab is playing audio.


Strollin' around

Ty Jon for keeping tabs on all these threads and ideas! (pardon the pun)



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Community Manager

@rdm haha hey love the pun 🤣

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It would be great too if the window with playing content would be marked in the list of opened windows with a "playing icon" as indicator.

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Hi everybody !

Do in Nightly as in the stable FF version in regard to the active video tab indicator : add a speaker to the left ! OR, be creative and set that tab in a different color !!!

Vidéo active.jpg

Best regards,


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Active tab color

What about making the active tab a contrasting color? Especially when in dark mode, is very difficult to distinguish which one is the active tab, a problem exacerbated in monitors with poor viewing angles. The option to customize the color would be nice.