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Making moves
Status: New idea

Hi 🙂

As a final user, I would like to have a better control on extensions.

It is both for security (Access your data for websites, Input data to the clipboard, ...) and for ergonomics (Display notifications, Create a context menu item).



Each kind of permission listed here should allow users to accept it or not when requested by an extension, in the same way one can already allow them or not in Private Browsing.

It should be possible to refuse each of them by default for new installed extensions.



A permission should be added to create a context menu item.

It would make a good complement to Ability to Edit Context Menus, so it is extended to the extension items of the context menu.



Of course, in addition to accept or refuse "Access your data for * websites" required by an extension, or even as a replacement of it, it should be possible to customize websites to allow extensions to run (with blacklists or whitelists for example).


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