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Making moves
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Ability to Edit Context Menus to remove unnecessary options.

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Context menus have gotten too long, which is an annoyance for advanced users, and an impediment to  novice users who just want to quickly find and use a small set of options.

Currently, hiding options is possible only with `userChrome.css`, which is considered a "legacy" feature by Firefox and is too complicated for most users.

Also, when developers do remove or hide one of the context menu items by default (such as ``), users get confused and frustrated. It'd be better to let each user customize the menus the way they want. Every item already has a unique ID, so this is possible.

New member

I would love to see this! Let's limit messing with aboug:config.

Status changed to: Trending idea
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My context menu has a scroll bar. If you click on a hyperlinked image, scrolling gets stuck on 'open in new container tab' and you cannot scroll up to 'open in new tab'.

That's a fairly ridiculous state of affairs.

Most of the current context menu options are unused.

Completely backwards from a few years ago when it was easy to modify your context menus with various addons.

New member

I’d really love to see this. There needs to be an option to customize the context menu.

Making moves

Good idea.I already do this via userchrome.css but it would be nice to have a more convenient official way to do this.

Everyone uses their browser differently so I won't be saying all the menu items are useless but I don't ever use or need most of them.

I mean, do we really, honestly need an dedicated menu item to email a picture? Has any person on this planted ever used this?

So yeah, to put it more bluntly, if you insist on putting ever more stuff of questionable utility into the context menu, it would be really, really nice for the users to have a way to opt out of that.

If we had the option to edit the context menu the default context menu could be much more bare bones. Developers or power users could add entries they need often themselves.

Having fewer default context menu items makes the browser more user friendly because you don't have to process a wall of text every time you just want to copy a highlighted word.


Making moves

Ability to Edit the Context Menu

Please add the option for users to easily edit the context menu (right click menu).

Everybody uses the browser differently and it's not possible to design a context menu that is useful to every user. There is tons of stuff in the menu I never ever use so it would be nice if I could hide it and thereby making the other entries more prominent and easier to find.

Let users hide and sort context menu entries (extensions included!) so they can customize the menu according to their needs. 


Community Manager
Community Manager

(Note: a similar idea has been merged into this thread)

Strollin' around

Does anyone know of any extensions that can allow the user to edit the context menu? That would at least let me do something about the problem right now.