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Status: New idea

webp is an unncessary format that is by Google, for Google, and it should not be supported. For photos, JPEG XL is superior and for other uses it is unnecessary.

I propose deprecating webp support in following manner over time:

  1. Removing it from accept headers
  2. Removing support on all other sites except Youtube, and few other Google properties that currently break when webp is disabled
  3. Eventually remove support alltogether by default
  4. Remove support entirely

And at the same time resolving current annoyances, e.g. removing copying of webp images and copying them as bitmaps, and offering conversion to other formats on save

Status changed to: New idea
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Community Manager

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New member

honestly this is just a bad idea, i understand a lot of people don't like the format but you need to understand that it saves terabytes of data traffic behind the scenes, very useful

also a lot more platforms than you think support it

i think even adobe products

Making moves

Removing from accept-headers is more than enough IMO, since most sites that for some weird reason use webp also know to send a decent image format such as PNG or JPXL when that option seems to not be available. Anyone who wants to "save terabytes of data" knows that JPXL is also better than webp at that.


Currently this (telling remote site to not send webp) seems to require an extension, but it'd be good to have as native.


Removing support for the format however I'm not sure it's a good idea. Image decoding of webp is formally available (AFAIK, lawyers feel fry to correct me) and there's not much sense to remove the ability to view links or files the user already has. Adding an option to "save as [better-format]" would be more that enough.