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Status: In review

Just like how we used to be able to select "compact."

I understand that more and more people are using vertically oriented devices like phones and tablets, but there is still a huge market share of users on desktop devices, and with the market saturated by widescreen displays, taking up vertical space while having 4 inches of white space on the left and right side of practically every website makes no sense.

I switch between Firefox and Opera because I really enjoy the sidebar that Opera has as it makes much more efficient use of screen real estate.

Strollin' around

Touch-friendly in not mouse-friendly!

Strollin' around

I would also like a more compact option in default to return, addons and whatnot don't quite fix everything. However, there a number of ways to customize Firefox that I've found.

In about:config you can use 'layout.css.devPixelsPerPx' to change the UI scale. You can also re-enable Compact mode with ''. I've gone a bit further and setup a custom CSS theme provided by the community site FirefoxCSS Store.

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I use Firefox 98.0 on a Windows 10 laptop.

For some months now the line spacing in Firefox menus has been excessive. If I open the Bookmarks menu I only see 27 lines, starting with “Manage Bookmarks.” The bottom of the menu is invisible below the bottom of the screen.

There is easily room for 40 lines. Please bring back the old line spacing.

Status changed to: Trending idea
Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey all, 

Here with an exciting update…

Your idea has quickly received a great deal of votes (kudos) and support here in the Mozilla Connect community, so we are upgrading the status to “Trending idea.” This means it’s now one step closer to reaching our internal teams for review—learn more about The Idea Journey

Please keep the conversation going and stay tuned for updates 😃

-The Community Team

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I agree with this point of view, the space occupied by the tabs is a bit large

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Hi guys, I'm a user with an ultrawide monitor and making use of PowerToys fancy zones.
I use Firefox in resized windowed mode on half of my screen (as opposed to fullscreen windowed, my Firefox window is not maximized), and up until now having my fancy zone extend -3px above my monitor has allowed me to move my cursor to the absolute top of my screen to change tabs without reaching the resize cursor.

It seems that in the v99.0 update the vertical resize zone has been widened so I now have to extend -8px to achieve the same result. This has the side effect of throwing every other window out of skew because their boundaries are also affected.

I know this may be an edge-case, but it's something that's immediately thrown my work-style around a bit. Could you restore the upper resize-region to it's previous value please?

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Oh wow, that is a super big deal, thanks so much for making it a trending idea, I am sure that we shall see some changes to the UI in a few years or so.

How hard is it to have a Desktop and tablet mode, can't be that hard..

This change to the double spacing is about the most useless thing I have seen.

KISS rules need to be applied, if it ain't broke, DON'T fix it..!







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When are you going to fix the excessive line spacing in the Bookmarks menus? You promised this for version 93, and now you're all the way up to 99. How hard could it be to program less line spacing?

Strollin' around

Windows is a desktop OS, and more than 90% of all Windows devices are Dektop or Laptop PCs, there's no need for the mandatory touch-friendly interface on these devices. Besides, when it comes to the 12 and 13-inch MacBooks and Windows laptops, where every pixel is important, this change just doesn't make any sense at all. If they remove compact mode, I will have to switch to Safari, as I don't have much screen space with the new Firefox.

The redesigned tabs take up too much space. The tab bar is even taller than the one in Chrome or Edge, and now you have to turn on the Compact mode to make it the same size as all other browsers. The compact mode is marked as unsupported and could be removed any time soon.

Status changed to: In review
Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey all,

Here with another exciting update…

This idea has been upgraded to "In review" which means it will be brought to our internal teams for review—learn more about The Idea Journey. As soon as we have another update on its status, we’ll let you know right here in the comment section.

Stay tuned 😃

-The Community Team

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What is the harm in letting users (ya' know; the ones who actually USE the browser) select their own padding?

OMG, this has been out there for 9 months now.  I can't find ANYONE supporting the idea that Firefox knows best.

But for a particular Add-on that is available in Firefox that I consider invaluable, I'd be on Chrome so fast, that it, in fact, WOULD be funny.

Strollin' around

Please allow us to make the drop-down menus, toolbars and tabs more compact.  They are too large and are taking up too much screen space.

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This bookmark menu spacing specifically, and Mozilla's attitude towards users that they can basically eff off if they don't like it, did exactly that, and drove me to Brave.

If it were to be made a configurable option I'd be back. That's how much this issue, and attitude bugs the hell out of me.

Mozilla needs to do better by its users if it is to survive against the likes of Chrome, Brave and Edge.

Sort yourselves out Mozilla, and stop being so bloody arrogant.

Making moves

Firefox's toolbar takes up a lot of space! Its tabs have a lot of useless white space, I hope it can be adjusted to optimize the UI layout


I noticed that it's not just me who needs this:

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The UI should be flexible in size so that pages can be zoomed in and out.