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Status: In review

Just like how we used to be able to select "compact."

I understand that more and more people are using vertically oriented devices like phones and tablets, but there is still a huge market share of users on desktop devices, and with the market saturated by widescreen displays, taking up vertical space while having 4 inches of white space on the left and right side of practically every website makes no sense.

I switch between Firefox and Opera because I really enjoy the sidebar that Opera has as it makes much more efficient use of screen real estate.

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What is the harm in letting users (ya' know; the ones who actually USE the browser) select their own padding?

OMG, this has been out there for 9 months now.  I can't find ANYONE supporting the idea that Firefox knows best.

But for a particular Add-on that is available in Firefox that I consider invaluable, I'd be on Chrome so fast, that it, in fact, WOULD be funny.

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Please allow us to make the drop-down menus, toolbars and tabs more compact.  They are too large and are taking up too much screen space.

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This bookmark menu spacing specifically, and Mozilla's attitude towards users that they can basically eff off if they don't like it, did exactly that, and drove me to Brave.

If it were to be made a configurable option I'd be back. That's how much this issue, and attitude bugs the hell out of me.

Mozilla needs to do better by its users if it is to survive against the likes of Chrome, Brave and Edge.

Sort yourselves out Mozilla, and stop being so bloody arrogant.

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Firefox's toolbar takes up a lot of space! Its tabs have a lot of useless white space, I hope it can be adjusted to optimize the UI layout


I noticed that it's not just me who needs this:

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The UI should be flexible in size so that pages can be zoomed in and out.

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Hi, we are currently in 102 version and up to now, the bookmarks line spacing is still too wide. When will you propose to reduce it?

This should be easy to implement for developers...

Thanks in advance for your info

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100% agreed with that. Firefox tabs are too big (vertically).

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yes tab bar looks good but when ever reading article on web it just get in my way. so I scaled down my computer display. so that I could get more screen size in Firefox.

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This idea has a lot of support and should move forward to the development stage. If there is still something to be discussed, please clarify it.

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Would it be possible to make the vertical size of the tabs and toolbars adjustable (and persistent) in Firefox?

On phones in landscape mode and many screens, vertical display space is limited.  A significant portion of the window height is occupied by vertical space in the tabs and toolbars.  It seems to me that the tabs and the address bar could stand to be about half their current height. If users have more that these displayed, much screen space is used up.