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Status: New idea


As a dedicated user and enthusiast of the Firefox browser, I would like to propose an enhancement that I believe would greatly benefit the Firefox user community.


I suggest adding a built-in password protected feature to the Firefox browser that allows users to lock their screens. This feature would require users to authenticate themselves with a password, authenticator app or TOTP (Time-based One-Time Password), or a security key in order to unlock the browser screen and access their browsing session. By implementing such a feature, Firefox can provide an additional layer of security, particularly for users who share their computers or have concerns about unauthorized access to their browsing history and sensitive information.

While I acknowledge the existence of third-party extensions, such as the Browser Lock extension for other browsers, integrating this functionality directly into the Firefox browser would offer a more streamlined and user-friendly experience. It would eliminate the need for users to search for and install separate extensions, ensuring a consistent and secure browsing environment for all Firefox users.

Additional Capabilities

To further enhance the usability and security of this built-in password protected feature, I recommend considering the following capabilities:

1. Multiple Authentication Options: Allow users to choose their preferred method of authentication, including passwords, authenticator apps or TOTP, or security keys. This flexibility will accommodate users' varying security preferences and needs.

2. Customization Options: Provide users with the ability to customize the lock screen, such as selecting a background image or adding a personalized message. This would enable users to further personalize their browsing experience while maintaining security.

3. Password Recovery Mechanism: Implement a secure and reliable password recovery mechanism, such as security questions or email verification, to assist users in case they forget their password. This would ensure that users can regain access to their browsing sessions without compromising security.

4. Lockout Policy: Consider implementing a lockout policy that temporarily locks the login option for a specified duration after a certain number of unsuccessful login attempts. This safeguard would protect against brute-force attacks and enhance the overall security of the feature.


By incorporating these features into the Firefox browser, Mozilla can demonstrate its ongoing commitment to user privacy, security, and overall user experience. I firmly believe that this enhancement would position Firefox as a leader in browser security and appeal to users who prioritize robust protection for their online activities.

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Adding In-Built app lock for Firefox would be great for all categories of OS including PC's that do not have In-built fingerprint reader.

Making moves

I agree

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So much better to have our profile locked with a password on a shared computer

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+1 !