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Making moves
Status: New idea

I'd love a progress bar on desktop Firefox. The current spinny/bouncy loading indicator can only indicate that something's happening, and not how long there is to go etc.

Firefox for Android has one:


Safari on desktop had/has one:



I like the Safari idea above, it combines the address bar and progress bar so you don't sacrifice any space. It also make smart use of something that you want/need to see at all times (the address bar), unlike the Find bar or the status bar which you want out of the way when not in use.

I remember a browser, might've been Opera, even showing the amount of data (eg 7MB of 14MB) which was cool too!

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Making moves


I really miss the page loading bar that used to be at the bottom of the web page and used to show you how the progress was going.

On pages where there were lots of images or video's it was really useful to know how long till the whole page would be loaded or similar.

I wish we could have this feature back once again.

Making moves

Nobody else misses this then. Oh well.

Making moves

Request for Enhanced Loading Bar in Firefox

Dear Firefox Team,

I hope this message finds you well. I'm a dedicated user of Firefox and have a feature suggestion that I believe could enhance the browsing experience. Similar to Opera and Opera GX, I propose the implementation of a feature where, during the loading of a web page, the entire section of the screen containing the Search Bar transforms into a loading bar.

This visual enhancement could provide users with a more immersive and dynamic loading experience, making the process feel seamless and engaging. I believe such a feature aligns with Firefox's commitment to user-centric design and innovation.

Thank you for considering this suggestion, and I appreciate the ongoing efforts to make Firefox an outstanding browser.


Here is a List of Possible Benefits for adding this Feature:

1. **Enhanced User Experience:** The proposed feature transforms the loading process into a visually engaging experience, enhancing overall user satisfaction.

2. **Visual Immersion:** Users will feel more immersed in the browsing experience as the loading bar takes over a significant portion of the screen.

3. **Dynamic Loading Indicator:** The entire section becoming a loading bar provides a dynamic and visually appealing loading indicator.

4. **Clear Progress Visualization:** Offers a clearer and more prominent representation of the loading progress, keeping users informed.

5. **Reduced Ambiguity:** Minimizes confusion about whether a page is still loading by providing a prominent visual cue.

6. **Modern Aesthetic:** Aligns Firefox with modern design trends, contributing to a sleek and contemporary aesthetic.

7. **Consistency with Competitors:** Aligns Firefox with competitors like Opera and Opera GX, maintaining competitiveness in the browser market.

8. **User Engagement:** Keeps users engaged during the loading process, preventing potential frustration.

9. **Improved Perception:** Users may perceive faster loading times due to the engaging visual representation.

10. **Accessibility Enhancement:** The loading bar spanning the search bar area ensures that the loading indicator is within the user's primary field of vision.

11. **Brand Differentiation:** Sets Firefox apart by offering a distinctive loading experience compared to other browsers.

12. **Positive Brand Association:** Users may associate Firefox with a more enjoyable and visually appealing browsing experience.

13. **Increased User Retention:** The engaging loading feature could contribute to higher user retention rates.

14. **User Delight:** Enhances the delight factor, as users appreciate small but impactful design improvements.

15. **Ease of Monitoring:** Users can easily monitor the loading progress without shifting focus to a separate loading bar.

16. **Progressive Web App Support:** A dynamic loading bar aligns well with the concept of Progressive Web Apps, enhancing the overall web app experience.

17. **Enhanced Perception of Speed:** Even if the loading times remain the same, the perceived speed might increase due to the engaging loading animation.

18. **Tech-Savvy Appeal:** Attracts users who appreciate and enjoy innovative and tech-savvy features.

19. **Social Media Shareability:** Users might share positive experiences about the unique loading feature on social media, indirectly promoting Firefox.

20. **Positive Press Coverage:** The implementation of such a distinctive feature could garner positive press coverage, showcasing Firefox's commitment to innovation.

21. **Community Engagement:** Involves the user community in discussions about design improvements, fostering a sense of community engagement.

22. **Positive Feedback Loop:** Positive user feedback on the new loading feature could create a positive feedback loop, encouraging further innovation.

23. **Enhanced User Connection:** Users may feel a stronger connection to Firefox due to the browser's attention to design details.

24. **Adoption by Design Enthusiasts:** Attracts users who have a preference for browsers with unique and thoughtful design elements.

25. **Word-of-Mouth Promotion:** Users may recommend Firefox to others based on the engaging loading experience.

26. **Educational Value:** Introduces users to innovative design concepts, promoting a sense of exploration and learning.

27. **Customization Potential:** Offers opportunities for users to customize or choose from different loading animations, adding a layer of personalization.

28. **Increased Feature Adoption:** Users might explore other features of Firefox due to the positive impression created by the loading enhancement.

29. **Competitive Advantage:** Positions Firefox as a browser that not only competes on performance but also on innovative design features.

30. **Future-Proofing:** Sets a precedent for future design improvements, showcasing Firefox's commitment to staying ahead of the curve.

Community Manager
Community Manager

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