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Thunderbird-open message in new tab broken

Making moves

Thunderbird, update 115.2.2 (64-bit), on  PC Windows 10pro 64.
"Open messages in new tab" feature not working - after reopening TB body and menu are blank.
Reinstalled program and reopened different tabs - still blank, upps...


Making moves

[EDIT: My comment applies to opening attachments in a new tab. In 115.5.2 I am not experiencing the issue with emails opened in a new tab.]

I can confirm this bug is still present in 115.5.2 (64 bit).

To reproduce, 

1. Open an attachment to an email in a Thunderbird tab (only tested with PDF).

2. Close TB

3. Open TB and navigate to the tab where the attachment was previously visible.

In my case, after a very long period of "Loading..." on the tab title, and an empty white body, the tab title eventually changes to the correct name of the attached file and the body turns gray but is still empty.