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PDF Rendering Accuracy/Quality

Making moves

I wrote a post and the email link gave me 401 unfortunately. Here's the abbreviated version:

PDF rendering in firefox seems to be poor for high resolution or vector .pdf files. Here is a link to a comparison to another browser at the same zoom % with the same file. (edit: Firefox is on the right in that image)

You'll also notice some like scan-lines in the background. Other browser looks correct and is rendering at high resolution/vector-esque.

I'm sure pdf rendering is challenging in a browser, but this is worth sharing as it tricked me into thinking my pdfs were not printing/exporting correctly until I checked in another program. Highly recommend SumatraPDF as well.


Making moves printing gave result which cut off the step 4. I used Vivaldi to get a printable result. This is a constant problem with printing from the web pages. Only using Vivaldi has been a workaround for me. Having the printed page get mutilated is more common than just FIrefox. I use LinuxMint21.2. Cinnamon