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Privacy and Security

Making moves

I notice Firefox is saving my websites that I go to - I never did this for my financial websites and business websites - it is a security risk if someone is able to view those sites I visit they have part of the puzzle to attempt access to my personal things!
Privacy and Security is important - if my computer were to be compromised in some way by a website visit that might be able to glean that information or otherwise that it would be possible for bad actors to know the sites I visit. I don't store them as favorites, I don't store them as quick links and I don't save usernames either for the convenience or passwords for the convenience or any combinations thereof.
Don't do this!



If you like the convenience of having Firefox keep history for most sites but want to avoid saving history for some sites, try opening those few sites in private windows instead of regular windows. (In other browsers, private windows are called incognito windows.) More info: