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I don't like bright white background on web pages; I want to set MY OWN background

Making moves

First of all; I got this: Similar topics already posted; WHERE ARE THEY?! If you're going to post a friggin' message like this, PROVIDE A LINK!! I'm not searching thru hell's half acre LOOKING for it.

Now, on to the main part of my complaint; don't know when this happened; I had my page background set to medium gray because the brilliant white is just too damned bright for my eyes, AND, I cannot seem to set it BACK!! WHY NOT?!  This is bull**bleep**; don't be making decisions about the 'look' of my pages. Repeat: DO NOT BE MAKING DECISIONS ABOUT THE LOOK OF MY PAGES!! I decide what I want, not some nameless moron in some boffin backroom thinking, "Oh this'll be really cool, let's do it this way!" NOT!!! Give users the CHOICE of what their pages are going to look like and QUIT **bleep**ING AROUND WITH IT!! In short, leave the pages ALONE, and quit trying to 'improve things,' you only make them worse. Kindly revert back to the way it was before this latest moronic change. It's idiocy!