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As an example, I have Twitter as a web app for both Firefox and Microsoft Edge. It loads much faster in Edge and sometimes Firefox doesn't load correctly and I lose the Twitter bar at the bottom that shows the home button etc.

Please improve the performance of web apps in Firefox for Android.

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The same happens with Instagram too. Sometimes the navigation bar of Instagram jumps to the middle. And yeah PWA loading on Firefox isn't appreciable. I tried using PWA for various communities like Signal community, Brave community. It isn't smooth.

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Well, whatever Bing is doing, if Firefox follows suite with Firefox own personal touch,then I think you would lead in all, I see outstanding stuff going on at Bing, and I know Firefox/Mozilla outstanding as well,I'm sure you guys probably write Bing's code,another reason I have so much to learn and feel like that's what I should be doing ( learning ) rather than commenting on jpeg XL, or Firefox, I got a lot to learn and so much talent to achieve my learning from, Firefox,Bing, Google, the list goes on, Mozilla/ you guys are stand up to me/stick with me ok, but I have some learning to do first, I'm not going no where,that's my word,you will see me again in these comments and know the difference/<continue><on>

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I live in my Firefox browser on my phone and Chromebook so this would be much appreciated