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When printing a web page or other item that stems from a URL.  Add an option that appends a QR Code that contains the URL.

The root problem is: The URL is now printed in full text on the top right (in Firefox). This is fine, but bringing a printed article back up in Firefox by typing the URL is difficult and error-prone.  To eliminate some of this difficulty, a QR code would be an ideal solution.

For example:  I am printing an article from Harvard Business Review (  At a later date, I may want to read this again in Firefox, (or perhaps I share the print-out with a college, and they want to read the article in another user agent).  Without a QR code, I would need to type the whole URL.  The URL must be typed in exactly.   Doing this exactly correct is slow, difficult, and not likely to succeed the first time.   If there is a QR code appended to the print-out, this task now becomes much easier.  I simply have to scan the QR code and follow the link. 

Thank you for reading my idea.   I hope it was worth your time. 


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