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Status: New idea

Thunderbird already can support Calendars and Contacts from Nextcloud through Caldav and Carddav.

In my dreams Thunderbird should be natively able to:

- pick attachments from Nextcloud Files and produce a link to the resource or a real attachment from there

- save .eml and/or attachments to Nextcloud Files directly

- embed a Nextcloud Talk client in instant messaging tab

- share Contacts/Calendars directly from Nextcloud and auto-refresh calendar list when new ones are shared to me.

Doing this, Thunderbird + Nextcloud + Dovecot/Postfix could replace Outlook/Exchange or M$365 in office environment.

New member

It would be great if new accounts could be added to not for email but as well for accessing calendar and contacts (similar to Gnome online accounts). Like this, accessing data (contacts/calendar entries) from Nextcloud could be simplified.

Status changed to: New idea
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Strollin' around

I appreciate that you made a very well detailed proposal for a native product user. I would like to share my idea especially in here to spark a new discussion about.

I prefer to use distributed network protocols instead of web products to bind my browser directly to use as a cloud space, like Filecoin or Storj maybe (even the version from its own source, Filezilla has).