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Status: In development

Would be nice to be able to use image upscaling on video players, as an optional feature you could toggle for any individual video player.

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How long can it take to implement Video Super Resolution technology which supports Nvidia and AMD cards??? We're supposed to have it by now! Why is Firefox suddenly lagging behind Microsoft Edge ???

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I use firefox for privacy reasons and would really like to be able to use VSR

My internet connection is not very good so I'm often watching 720p content on a 1440p screen (plus bitrate blockiness)


Thank you for your consideration

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Definitely amazing feature ❤️ .

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Please add the support

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Lack of this feature may literally kill a Firefox.

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Yes please implement this in Firefox, also vertical tabs like Edge when??

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Seems like an initial support landed on the latest nightly:

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It's annoying that I have to switch to Edge to watch streaming services because Firefox doesn't support Nvidia Video Super Resolution. Please add this option so I can continue to use Firefox for all my needs.

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When are we getting RTX Super Resolution support already? Hell, when are we getting HDR support?

As much as I support Mozilla for being the last true independent browser left, I'm honestly about ready to switch to something Chromium-based. I'm tired of missing out on must-have features because Mozilla refuses to get their **bleep** together. Enough is enough. You guys have 30 days to figure it out or I'm done with this browser.

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Developer edition already have VSR implemented and working, it should soon be in stable

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@PsythikI think you're being very unfair there.

You have to understand that the big tech companies already had a head start with VSR support for their respective browsers because of working together with Nvidia while the feature was being developed. Mozilla couldn't possibly have had support for the feature ready at it's release by Nvidia without also having been invited to the party from the start. This is one of the sneaky things that major companies will do to maintain an edge over (bully) smaller, more independent and less greedy companies.

Just be happy that Mozilla is actually working on it.


Hi everyone!

@Mantorkis right. (Thank you for tagging the ticket in the thread! :D)

A generous external contributor has built initial support for NVIDIA RTX Super Resolution for video overlays on Windows. It's currently housed in our Beta 114 channel, which is expected to be in Firefox 114 (general release by June 6). If you're using a compatible NVIDIA GPU, you can try flipping the pref "gfx.webrender.super-resolution.nvidia" from "false" to "true."

Quick Walkthrough on Flipping the Pref

If you type "about:config" in the address bar, you'll see this warning. If you are okay to go, click "Accept the Risk and Continue."

about:config menu warningabout:config menu warning

In the search bar at the top of the page, type in "gfx.webrender.super-resolution.nvidia," and the result should appear. To the right of the page, click on the highlighted Toggle icon to switch the pref from "false" to "true."

Setting the RTX pref to "True"Setting the RTX pref to "True"

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@kkimwill this be rolling out to other OS's in the future? (Late 23-early 24)? Also, since it seems nvidias upscaler is limited to nvidia's RTx cards, would amd's solution not be a better, more hardware inclusive fit for Firefox?

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Still bummed to see the less-compatible nvidia version being implemented over amd's