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Would be nice to be able to use image upscaling on video players, as an optional feature you could toggle for any individual video player.

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Unfortunately the figures here in the US are the inverse.

Over 90% of users have a "soft" cap on their monthly internet, additional charges once using over 1.2TB per month.

If I used 2.1 in a month it would cost more than double my regular rate.

Although, they do offer unlimited for a flat, additional rate, which is $30 a mo, which is about half the cost of a AAA game.


Caps are dumb.

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+1 to this

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I would also vote for VSR to be added to Firefox. we need this feature as Edge and Chrome both have it from the start.

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+1 to this, I don't want to use Edge for watching LQ videos to use this feature.

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I think people forgot that Firefox is no meant to be a media player, but a browser, if you want to have a video player with fancy features, then use an adequate video player like VLC or similar.

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+1 from me for Nvidia VSR

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@FairplexVLC or other standalone media players dont support the VSR either, only browsers that use Chromium have it... So firefox will have to implement it separately since it doesnt use chromium

+ Media players cant play LQ videos on the internet... for which the vsr is especially made

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A must have feature! pls add asap