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Status: Exploring more

Would be nice to be able to use image upscaling on video players, as an optional feature you could toggle for any individual video player.

Status changed to: Exploring more
Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi all,

This idea has been shared with our internal teams and we are going to be researching it a bit more as we explore next possible steps—check out @kkim's comment in this thread for more info 💪

Feel free to continue the conversation here and stay tuned for updates.



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Microsoft Edge now offers/test support for upscaling videos with
- Nvidia and
- new: AMD


=> with this, So supporting all (modern) GPU types (discrete and integrated) from all vendors (Nvidia, AMD, Intel, see earlier post) in the near future looks reasonable.

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We need Nvidia VSR support asap! I don't want to use data-stealer tracker-fest chrome bloatware.




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FFmpeg already has support for this so this could be leveraged via that library, I'm sure.

FFmpeg has different types of upscaling, including machine-learning-based. The resulting upscaled image is quite impressive, actually (depending on configuration). This is on Linux, but I would guess that it has Windows-support as well? Not sure if it's as simple to implement on Windows.

GPU vendors probably have an driver API that can be leveraged too. Hardware-acceleration is quite important for laptop-users, for instance, to avoid fans spinning up, device heating up and using excess power just to watch YouTube or Netflix or anything self-hosted for that matter through the browser.


Anyway, I don't think this idea is far-fetched at all and as far as I know there are already different libraries that can easily be leveraged by FireFox (as it already uses FFmpeg).

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Definitely exited for a feature like this (if it is possible). I hold nothing against high performance, opensource, quality improvement! 😍

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Would also love to see integration with Nvidia's upscaling.

Seems unfair to be left out of the chromium market monopoly

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It would be better if it could support AMD as EDGE does.