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Would be nice to be able to use image upscaling on video players, as an optional feature you could toggle for any individual video player.

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@Psythik30 days from 16. of June? Kkim wrote it will be included in "Firefox 114 (general release by June 6)". I guess you can stick with Firefox now as coincidentally, your set deadline actually works out. 😂

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Currently on 114.0b5 developer edition and I can't get it to work after toggling that pref, tried it in nightly as well and nothing changed, not even the GPU usage goes up, meanwhile VSR in Edge, VLC and that one MPC-HC fork work just fine so it's not my driver settings

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I think one doesn't exclude the other. Nvidia VSR will be first and we will probably see AMD's variant further down. I think there is generally more hype around Nvidia's feature right now and that may be why support for that has almost been finished already. Firefox will continue to be improved upon just like it's been so far, and we will just have to be patient. As an owner of an RTX card, I'm happy to see a video upscaling feature that I can utilize become a reality in Firefox this soon. And when AMD's variant will be supported some day in the future, even more people will be able to enjoy video upscaling. So, all in all I think it's good that we're seeing at least one such feature get support.

Like kkim said, VSR support seems to have been built by an external contributor, and I wouldn't be surprised to see the same happen with FidelityFX.

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@osem598it currently won't be made for other OSes, Nvidia will first need to make VSR available to other OSes, and then Firefox can implement the support in other OSes for it

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Honestly shocked that we still don't have this feature... I guess I'll keep watching my videos in lower-tier quality over Microsoft and/or Google's trackers being all up in my data.