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Making moves
Status: New idea

After an update the homepage shortcuts are mixed with the recent visited history.


An option to hide the recent visited history from the shortcuts homepage or the possibility to show only the fixed shortcuts would be interesting.

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Yes, please! At least give the user a choice! This setting is supposed to show shortcuts on the screen, not your browsing history! Who on earth is pushing these changes!? 😡


Making moves

 Me just using the button close that delete history until this idea and this idea   is going to come to firefox android. i hope this year mozilla is gonna save me from this suffer. I need both these 2 ideas to be able to stop with close delete history on android. I wanna keep my latest history but i don't want that to show on my homescreen. i can't have one without the other. For other people it will be great if they only need one of those 2 but for me is both necessary to keep using without worrying. It will gave me calm when using it without a messy home screen and don't need to remember deleting history every time.      

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 See Opera has the option to turn off suggested websites that appears near the shortcuts based on your history. Even though Opera isn't that strong interms of privacy, but in terms of some customisations Opera is 4 parallel universes ahead of any of the android browsers available out there.


@JonNot being able to turn off suggested websites based on history on Firefox  Android is a pure torture. Please expedite something regarding this.

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Even Microsoft Edge allows it.

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Please do it, and offer more than two rows please.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey all,

Justine, a Firefox Product Manager, just kicked off a discussion here on Mozilla Connect asking for feedback to improve the Firefox Mobile homepage: Firefox Mobile Users: Share Your Thoughts on the Mobile Homepage! 📱 

And you're invited - check it out and add your thoughts. It's a great opportunity to share ideas and communicate directly with the team working on this feature.

Looking forward to collaborating 🙌

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Can't believe this isn't a setting!

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Came across this when searching for a tewak to disable this behaviour..amazing this is still a thing.

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+ 1

I'm on desktop, and I also don't want random web-pages from my history to fill my shortcut bar.

I would also prefer pinned shortcuts not to display the pinned-symbol next to the name of the shortcut. Or at least an option to disable this pin.

Thank you.

New member

Cannot agree more. This needs implementing urgently. I'm tired of constantly having to delete the history from my shortcut page.

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I completely agree. I want to decide by myself which shortcuts are added to the start page. These auto-added shortcuts are extremely annoying. Please add an option to disable this behaviour.

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OMG, I thinked this is bug, but reality idworse, this is feature!