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Firefox Mobile Users: Share Your Thoughts on the Mobile Homepage! ๐Ÿ“ฑ


Hi everyone ๐Ÿ‘‹

I'm Justine, a product manager working on the homepage for both desktop and mobile! I've been looking into improving and tailoring our mobile browser experience. I'd love to get your feedback in order to help our team address your needs and preferences.

Here are some questions we'd love to get your thoughts on:

  • How do you feel about the mobile browser's homepage, and what improvements or features would enhance it for you?
  • Did any parts of the homepage experience stand out as particularly seamless? Did any parts cause you difficulty or confusion?
  • How would you describe your experience in accessing and interacting with the elements on the homepage?

Your sentiments, suggestions, and insights are important to us. Whether it's a simple thought or a detailed message, we'd love to hear your from you!


And if you'd like to leave DESKTOP feedback, you can do so within this thread: Desktop Home/'New Tab' Feedback


Making moves

Wow, I was afraid you wouldnโ€™t ask about mobile Firefox! Itโ€™s fantastic to see this version isnโ€™t forget, too. Itโ€™s hard even to rank what of the things below I need more in my browsing experience.

Letโ€™s start from the shortcuts.

1. I definitely need to to have a possibility to change a pinned siteโ€™s (shortcutโ€™s) URL. For example, BBC News often have a special page on their site for a lasting event, and due to the technical limitations sometimes they have to stop posting on one page and start a new page instead. It would be convenient for me just to copy their new pageโ€™s URL and to edit a shortcut I have. Now I have to delete from shortcuts their old page and then to add to shortcuts the new one. And of course this new shortcut becomes tha last in a list. Long story short: when I do a long tap on a shortcut I would like to see โ€œChange URLโ€ in a list.

2. Another option which would be good to have is letting users to organize their shortcuts manually by long-pressing on them. Just the way we can change the order of the open tabs in a tab tray. Something like this: do a long tap and keep a finger on a screen to move the shortcut or do a long tap and take a finger away to see a drop-dowm menu (โ€œOpen in private tabโ€, โ€œRenameโ€, โ€œRemoveโ€ and (I hope) โ€œChange URLโ€).

3. As I mentioned in a desktop Firefox discussions, I would like to have more characters to be shown in a shortcutโ€™s name in a mobile Firefox too. Maybe the name can have two lines?

4. And I would also like to have more rows for shortcuts. Two screens with 8 shortcuts (two rows, four columns, 2x4) on each, as we have now, is less convenient for me than one screen with 16 shortcuts (4x4) on it. Of course if it is possible to have more rows it is even better. Or to have more columns as well, as people use mobile Firefox also on tablet computers and they have bigger screens than smartphones.

Aside of shortcuts I also love โ€œJump back inโ€ option. It is really help me in my browsing. I cannot say anything good or bad about โ€œRecent bookmarksโ€ and โ€œRecently visitedโ€ as I have them switched off.

I tried to use โ€œCollectionsโ€ but unfortunately I couldnโ€™t for the following reasons:

a. I canโ€™t rename a site in a collection, when the default is either too long or too short or just ugly. I guess it depends on every site own preferences or something but anyways.

b. I canโ€™t change URL of a site in a collection.

c. I canโ€™t organize neither collections list itself nor sites inside of a collection (move them up or down).

d. Collections canโ€™t be synced so I lost them once when my previous phone died, and after that I chose to use bookmarks and their folders instead as they have none of these problems.

Maybe I didnโ€™t use them right but itโ€™s just my experience.

Thank you for your attention.

Thank you for laying this out! This is incredibly insightful and I'm making note of them to bring back to the team.

We really appreciate you taking the time to detail your feedback and we're committed to improving mobile's user experience!

Making moves

Mobile homepage looks old and odd I would like to get way to customize home page much like chrome where I can set extension to completely revamp the home page it's been years since people are asking for it, that would make it THE perfect browser please do this 

Community Manager
Community Manager

Thanks @Therow - what type of customizations would you like to add to the homepage? Any additional details would be helpful as we look to improve the homepage experience.

Making moves

Like in chrome where we can set url as homepage, this would allow extensions like tabliss to work, these extension allow full customization so I guess everyone can be satisfied with this change 

Making moves

Wallpaper in Firefox


Dear Mozilla Firefox,


I am writing to you today to request that you allow users to set their own pictures or images from their phone gallery as the background for the new tab page in Firefox. I think this would be a great addition to the new tab page, as it would allow users to personalize their browser experience and make it more visually appealing. Currently, the only way to change the new tab page background is to choose from a selection of 12 built-in images. While these images are nice, they are limited in number and variety. Allowing users to set their own pictures or images as the background would give them much more flexibility and control over the look of their new tab page. They could use pictures of their favorite places, pets, or family members. They could also use images that they find inspiring or calming. I believe that this would be a popular feature with Firefox users. A recent survey found that 70% of Firefox users would like to be able to set their own pictures as the background for the new tab page. I urge you to consider adding this feature to Firefox in a future update. I think it would be a great way to improve the user experience and make Firefox even more appealing to users.


Thank you for your time and consideration.

For more details Click here 


B R Shriradhakrishnasharnam

B R Shriradhakrishnasharnam

Thanks for the feedback! Wallpapers in general are definitely a popular request and expanding options and capabilities are definitely worth considering.

This is an excellent reminder that it is still something you all are interested in.

Thank you!

Making moves

1. hide history in shortcuts.

2. text translations button on homepage. with the add-on now i need to open a website to use text translations. i hope when inbuilt translation development is further they will add a text translation button on the homepage.

3. more shortcuts on firefox focus. max 4 shortcuts are just to less. i need to delete everytime a other shortcut to make place for a new shortcut.

4. shortcuts in firefox private mode.

5. pocket news sounds like a nice idea.

You can put the text translation button here.

Screenshot_20230819_154255_Firefox Nightly.jpg


  Pocket news on homepage like google does with chrome.




Making moves


About a year ago I raised an idea for an option to hide the recent history from the shortcuts homepage. I understand the intention to follow the desktop design pattern, but for mobile with a limited screen size it can be a problem. Besides the fact that it can become a privacy issue when mobile devices are more susceptible to prying eyes.

I appreciate your willingness to interact with the community!

Kind regards.


I've heard similar sentiments for desktop as well and it's definitely something that is worth looking into.

Thank you for the feedback!

Making moves

I have basically only two problems with the homepage.

Don't force features on users, and allow them to turn features off if they wish. As many features as possible must be user-turnable (toggles). Let the users to fully control the look and feel of the homepage.

Making moves

I would like to see a change on the homepage: the shortcuts to oft used sites are great, except when a site plants a shortcut that's not wanted. they can be very difficult to get rid of. Whether you keep choosing "Dismiss" or "Delete From History" these shortcuts often just move to another spot and are almost impossible to eliminate. please make it easy to remove unwanted shortcuts.

Hi, BabyCog,

I believe the idea that addresses this you mentioned issue already exists here on Mozilla Connect. Please visit this link. Feel free to give it a kudo and post a comment. You know how it goes.. ๐Ÿ™‚ Take care.

Making moves

Hi Justine,

I appreciate the opportunity to share our thoughts on improving Firefox Mobile, which is the primary browser for many of us. On my Android smartphone's Firefox homepage, I have only enabled shortcuts. I find the other features like recent bookmarks and last viewed not very useful. I prefer to customize the entire homepage myself and avoid mixing it with suggestions from the browser.

I'd like to offer some suggestions that I hope to see in the near future. These are improvements I've been missing for a while, and some of them have already been mentioned by Synchro:

  1. Bookmark Rearrangement: Currently, whenever I want to change the order of bookmarks, I have to delete them all and then add them one by one in the exact order I desire. It's essential to have a long-pressing gesture to rearrange shortcuts in the grid. This feature is a must and should be prioritized, similar to what can be done in Firefox for desktop.

  2. Bookmark Editing: I also miss the same editing features available in Firefox for desktop. I'd like the ability to edit the URL of a bookmark I've created. Additionally, it would be great to have the option to customize the favicon. This could involve using an image URL or uploading a picture from our gallery to the app. Some websites still use low-resolution favicon images, and having them display with pixelation on our homepage is quite unsightly.

  3. Hide the "Pinned" Icon: Personally, I'm not a fan of the pushpin icon located next to the bookmark titles. It reduces the available character space for the title and narrows the line space.

  4. Grid Size Customization: Since mobile Firefox doesn't have a bookmarks bar that's always present like in the desktop version, I use the homepage as it is. However, the limit of just 16 bookmarks is not sufficient for my needs. It would be great to have the option to choose the number of rows for each page and even have more than two pages.

  5. Custom Wallpapers: It would be a fantastic feature if we could select pictures from our phone's gallery as wallpapers for the homepage, instead of being limited to default options. Alternatively, having a wider variety of options to choose from would also be appreciated.

  6. Distinct Dark and Light Mode Wallpapers: Currently, I don't use a background wallpaper for my Firefox mobile homepage, mainly because the same image is used regardless of whether dark mode is enabled or not. My smartphone switches to dark mode automatically at night, and having a bright wallpaper that doesn't match the rest of the UI is a bit jarring. And also, I enable dark mode at night to have a darker UI when using the phone from bed. Thus, a bright wallpaper contradicts this intention and disrupts the experience. It would be great if the app could support separate background images for light and dark modes, similar to Apple's wallpapers for their devices.
    For custom wallpapers (referring to my previous point), we could either have the option to upload two images (one for each mode) or use the same image for both modes.

Thank you for considering these suggestions. I believe implementing these improvements would enhance the Firefox Mobile experience for many users.

Thank you for detailing what you want from the mobile app. It's truly helpful to myself and the team!

Making moves

@Justinecan you tell us what the coming plans are for the mobile homepage?

Hi @Jeppie 

We're currently working on developing our strategy and feature set right now. I'll provide updates as I can ๐Ÿ˜Š

Making moves

Let ME choose if I want to remove a sponsor website from that page.

For example in Germany I get 2 websites: Amazon and Otto. I do use Amazon and I would love to help firefox using their sponsor link, but I never use Otto and I don't want it every time on my home page. But there's no option to just remove Otto, it's either remove all sponsors or keep them all

Thanks for the feedback!

Quick question โ€“ Would you be open to replacing it with a different sponsor?

Thanks for your work on firefox and listening the community!

If it's a sponsor that I usually use and would keep on my homepage (and tbh the only websites I use are Amazon for buying everything but clothes and Zalando and Zalando Lounge and H&M for shopping clothes, which is very common in germany), I'm definitely open for that.

AFAIK most people have nothing against supporting a company they like, without it being privacy invasive (for example identifier/ref_url identifying the user as a random firefox mobile user, not the user himself with an identification number)

Making moves

Overall, I'm very happy with the user experience in Firefox mobile, but there's one thing that I miss: the option to open a site in the same tab that I'm already in. Example: every morning I have a list of news sources that I going through. I typically go to the address bar to open the next site when I'm done with the last one, but by default this opens a new tab, resulting in a good deal of deleting tabs when I'm done with my list.

If it was possible to choose between opening new sites in the same tab, or opening them in a new tab, that would be a nice improvement.

Making moves

Hope I'm not too late to the party...

Currently my biggest source of frustration on the Home Page (and possibly on the entire mobile Browser) is the fact that shortcuts and Top Sites were merged a while ago. While Shortcuts were manually set, Top Sites were suggested based on my browsing. However now you can't have one without the other, unlike before. As a student, it was nice to just have a few sites I chose as shortcuts and which were related to my studies, since I frequently need to access them. Now, I get flooded with dozens of suggestions for the same sites, sometimes even the exact same URL, not just when I've already manually pinned it, but even when it has already been suggested. So I take every few days the time to remove those Top Sites suggestions, since I don't need them and I don't feel like letting them accumulating for no reason.

I think that Shortcuts are extremely useful to access a website in one tap, but Top Sites are neither helpful nor useful. I humbly think that it is not feasible to accurately predict whether a website will be useful for a User, and Shortcuts (even on Desktop) should just be handled manually by the User, instead of having them removing those suggestions and decluttering their Home Page.

You've probably heard of this issue already, and I just needed to unload (respectfully of course! I hope I wasn't rude!) my gripe with it.

On other topics, I agree that we should be able to manually re-order Shortcuts (๐Ÿ™‚) as well as Collections. Selecting the number of rows for Shortcuts is also helpful. Perhaps we could even reorder some components on the Home Page, for example putting Collections before Recent Bookmarks... it could be done as a Drag-and-Drop within the "Customize Home Page" setting.

Finally, for the "Jump Back-In" component, it should show me the last website accessed on Desktop on the last syncing. Currently, it shows a Tab I have opened on Desktop but that I haven't touched in ages (true, the blame should probably be on me for keeping that tab open, but nevertheless, the usefulness and efficiency of that component is maximized if it shows the last accessed/interacted Tab. Also, despite the usefulness of Syncing the last opened tab from one device to another, I'd like to be able to disable the "Tab opened on another device" part of "Jump Back In". It takes less space and more importantly, some Users (like me for instance) can just fetch a Tab from the "Synced Tabs" in the Tabs Drawer.

I hope everything I said was useful and not rude in any way.

Thank you very much for reading my post!

Making moves

Will custom themes for Firefox on Android ever come back?It has been a long time and this feature still isn't back. It's a shame a very basic feature just got removed for no good reason.firefox-mobile-101-customize-your-browser-with-themes.w1456.jpg