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The Problem when using tags like folders:

  • If you rename a Folder (the wrong way), the email within ist STILL there. - The mail does not get "lost" in the mass.
  • But when using tags like folders -  after a simple (unwanted) change to the tag list - some tagged emails will NOT be listed anymore. - Actually there is no way to list or find all these email, which you tagged before.

Solution to find ALL tagged emails - and to get a completely reliable situation with masses of tagged emails:

  • We need a menu-point to scan and list tags from the email-side alone (tags which are actually not in the tag list)

Some details:

To really use tags as a replacement like folders, - it is important to see (to get feedback), - if ANY TAGGGED email doesnt match to the ACTUAL visible tag-entrys (- the list from tag-menu). - "Show others" in a menu would give feedback, if all tagged email is adressed reliable with the actual tag-list.

In everyday-usage a simple renaming of a tag, or deleting and adding of a tag ... - could result to overseen problems (tag-keyword (in prefs.js) will be different, while the visible tag-name in menu is OK).

-> A simple "show others" in a menu (within the tags-menu) can give the right feedback to the user - to solve all possible mistakes with tags (renaming a tag or its keword (prefs.js ...)). - So one can say "use your tags as folders !". (Scanning Email for tags is done anyway ...)

(With such a simple feedback to the user, thunderbird TAGS are perfect (with IMAP and workgroup/network with postfix-server))

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