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Making moves
Status: In development

Thunderbird can move folders to different hierarchies using drag and drop. However, it is not possible to move them within the same hierarchy, i.e. reorder them.

The "Manually sort folders" add-on had helped to sort folders, but with Thunderbird 115 (Supernova), it is no longer available. It is time to make it a proper feature.

I was involved in the development of the add-on to make it Thunderbird 78 compatible and later as a collaborator. So, as an option, I have considered developing another add-on for Thunderbird 115. This may not be impossible. (John is providing a POC.) But I would like to consider implementing the ability to sort folders properly in Thunderbird.

My current thinking and the work required has been described here.

1846550 - add ability to manually sort (order) folders in folder pane (

Strollin' around

Please Make this Happen AND It Should NOT Require an Add-On But ...If that is what it takes.

Thanks to all who worked on the previous Add-On, It was Great while it lasted.


Making moves

Yes please, bump the prio of this request!

New member

let me sort my folders manually please

New member

Please, make the manually-sort-order-folders available again: it would be much better if it will be part of the next TB updated version. It is a very important feature for working well with several email accounts !  Thanks.

New member

I agree with the request. After the update, I keep missing important e-mails due to pre-sorting into different folder on my provider's side.

New member

That would be great.  Please have an option to set the default startup folder as in Manually Sort Folders.  Unfortunately, this isn't working in 3.2.


New member

Diese Funktion muss zwingend eingebaut werden!!!!

This function must be installed!!!!

New member

Please, please, integrate in Thunderbird the function to manually sort the folders. Or update the add-on.

New member

Please implement it as a permanent add-on in any release of ThunderBird, it helps a lot.


New member

YES, sort folders manually should be the first thing in a program like this.

and also opening the program in a specific folder is a fundamental function. (which luckily with manually sort folder still works)

New member

I'm a Thunderbird user since the early hours.
I've always considered the lack of this feature a shameful bug.
Time to fix it. Now!

Making moves

Absolutely essential!

New member

Kudos to @Itagaki for a great add-on, but it shouldn't be necessary. It should be integral to T'bird. Too much work for an independent developer to keep up with code changes that break the add-on. 

New member

Another upvote from me. I have a dozen different email accounts all with subfolders which are the only way I can keep track of what needs to be done. I also have a large Archive in Local Folders. All of these are now re-ordered and it is doing my head in. Please restore the facility as soon as humanly possible.

New member

I downgraded to 102.9 and won't upgrade again until I can manually sort the folders again.

I can't even understand why this is not a standard feature...