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Making moves
Status: In development

Thunderbird can move folders to different hierarchies using drag and drop. However, it is not possible to move them within the same hierarchy, i.e. reorder them.

The "Manually sort folders" add-on had helped to sort folders, but with Thunderbird 115 (Supernova), it is no longer available. It is time to make it a proper feature.

I was involved in the development of the add-on to make it Thunderbird 78 compatible and later as a collaborator. So, as an option, I have considered developing another add-on for Thunderbird 115. This may not be impossible. (John is providing a POC.) But I would like to consider implementing the ability to sort folders properly in Thunderbird.

My current thinking and the work required has been described here.

1846550 - add ability to manually sort (order) folders in folder pane (

Status changed to: New idea
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Community Manager

Thanks for submitting an idea to the Mozilla Connect community! Your idea is now open to votes (aka kudos) and comments.

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Yes! Please! It's a pain to have this aleatory named imap server folders mixed up with our working ones! Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeaaasseeeeeeeee.....

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Totally agree.

I realise that I can use folder names such as A-Received / B-InProgress / C-Done (or even tags) to achieve what I want but, like many users of the add-on, the ability to sort folders was an important part of my workflow for many years. Now, it's gone.

I feel that the ability to sort folders should be a standard part of any email client - but perhaps that's just because I'd grown used to it and it seemed a natural way of working.

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Yes, I totally agree!


Please take this propose from @Itagaki serious. That feature is totally missing and urgently needed in TB115.

It is upsetting me when software gets developped with ignorance.

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There is a long and informative discussion at 'Manually-Sort-Folders' addon GitHub repository describing the problem and showing how it is important to many users:

It is a bit disappointing, that even the recent major UI overhaul in Thunderbird has not introduced this basic feature.

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Agreed! Please!
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Upvote from me! I want ALL my Inboxes at the top, from all my accounts, followed by Sent boxes etc. It's hard to check new email for a particular account when the Inbox is stuck in the middle or end of the folder pane list.

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Yes please!!! I need the ability to organize my folders in terms of importance to me, not alphabetically!

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Yes please !!!!!   This is a huge change in workflow for me.  I have "rules" that sort my mail into the appropriate folders, now instead of being at the top of the account (where I sorted them to) they are scattered all over.

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This should absolutely be a feature built into Thunderbird.  But at the minimum, Tbird should provide the info needed by the developers of an Add-On so it can be done in that way.

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Would anyone diagree?
Why was this not included by default considering all the previous discussions here and elsewhere?
Meanwhile we are stuck, and losing time and energy. The sooner the better!

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I can only concur with everything written here. Sorting folders manually should be a standard feature: not being able to a major shortcoming. For this reason alone, I almost wish I hadn't upgraded to 115.

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++ on this feature

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Adding one more voice in support of this. My mail is automatically sorted by the imap server using sieve. I've depended on manually sorting the folders so that the high priority ones are at the top. Having to scroll through a hundred+ folders to find the import ones is a pain. I would not have upgraded to 115 if I'd know this was an issue. I need to know at a glance if an important work email has come in.