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Add Chinese as a supported language for translations in Firefox.

New member

> It is discussed that it should at least contain word-to-word (regional term) conversion (instead of only character-to-character conversion).

(what I mean was, [more acceptable] translating as different (written) language > word conversion >> character converson [not acceptable])

Making moves

@c933103 Chinese are also eligible to use this feature, you don't have to worry so much, it's an unnecessary worry

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@dawger007I think @tempwall was being sarcastic with their statement "nothing happens in China" since it seems that they were dismayed with the lack of a Chinese translation option in Firefox 118, and also pointing out that Mozilla Connect might not be the best way to gauge interest on this particular idea since this is a primarily-English forum and Chinese users won't be as likely to see this idea.

I also support adding a Chinese translation option, maybe the work done in could be used to train student models on and, then we could all easily get Chinese translation. Also, Simplified Chinese could be used as a Pivot language internally, which is already supported, then a lightweight model could do the translation between Traditional and Simplified since even though it isn't a direct character-to-character mapping like @Winston_Sung said, it's much simpler than most language translations.

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@wi11dey  It is indeed as you say. Thank you for your understanding. 😃

Even in our official Chinese forum, when people asks about the translation features,someone with the mark of "mozilla staff" could only suggests 3rd-party add-ons. It seems that nobody cares about their requirements.

I'm not sure if mozilla have convinced that Chinese market is no longer important or not. Hope I'm wrong.