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Status: New idea

Hi, I have become increasingly annoyed that FF no longer allows me to set (without writing HTML code) a homepage on which I can have 10-15 selected links/icons that do not change or are have their position in the list moved (or worse, subsitituted by some totally spurious algorithim generated URL).  I want my home page to simply reflect a set of links I chose, in the order I chose -- not the ones I have used most recently, or ones FF choses for me! Maybe there is an easy way to do this I have not seen? I believe Vivaldi allows this option?

Status changed to: New idea
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Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey @AG2 (and others who land here),

Wanted to give you a quick heads up that a Firefox Product Manager just kicked off a discussion here on Mozilla Connect about improving the Firefox homepage: Share Your Thoughts on the Home / "New Tab" Page! 🖥️ [thread 2] 

There's also one for the Firefox Mobile homepage: Firefox Mobile Users: Share Your Thoughts on the Mobile Homepage! 📱 

Feel free to share your feedback and ideas there. It's a great opportunity to communicate directly with the team working on these features.

Hope to see ya there 🙌