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When we have only one device linked, the option can say only send tab to " device name ". By this, user don't have press another click which makes the work efficient. Like when the user has one windows pc and a phone linked.

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I would like to add to this, there should be a less fiddly way to send to another device even when multiple are connected. Currently users must activate the menu, select share, tap the Firefox icon, tap send to device, tap the device and finally tap send. That’s 5 taps. Can this be simplified and triggered from within Firefox instead of from the share sheet? Perhaps press and hold the menu to list linked devices and then tap on one to send to it? Or add a toolbar button like exists on the desktop browser?

I frequently send links from my phone to either my main work computer or my media computer instead of viewing them on my phone, because those linked computers have bigger screens, better sound and are situated in a more comfortable settings so they are more suitable for productivity and multitasking.

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@Agreedwhat platform are you on? On my Android devices I can click the menu, share and then choose the device to send it to (All synced devices are shown at the top of the share menu). I believe this works great.