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Making moves
Status: New idea

I just re-installed windows and I wanted to sync my firefox browser with firefox sync.

When you first create a firefox sync, on the second step when it asks you your password

It also asks you, what you want to sync.

However, when you log back it, it does not ask you.

And there is no other way to access the firefox sync settings until you are already logged in.

Result, I logged in, by the time I managed to get to the settings and turn off what I don 't want, it had already downloaded half what I don' t want.

-----------END OF IDEA HERE--------------

Reason why I'm doing this (do not X-Y derail please), I only wanted to sync browser settings. There is no way to consult cloud stored firefox sync data and I want to search it and clean it up. My plan was to backup my profile, sync my profile with settings only, then diff the two to see what settings it changed. But now it just downloaded everything and the diff is much too big for me to make sense of it.


still cannot paste ...

oh, however drag and drop text works, here is how to disable firefox sync elements by editing your pref.jf in your appdata/roaming/mozilla/profile profile

user_pref("services.sync.declinedEngines", "history,addresses,creditcards,passwords,tabs,addons,bookmarks,forms");
user_pref("services.sync.engine.addons", false);
user_pref("services.sync.engine.addresses.available", true);
user_pref("services.sync.engine.bookmarks", false);
user_pref("services.sync.engine.history", false);
user_pref("services.sync.engine.passwords", false);
user_pref("services.sync.engine.prefs", false);
user_pref("services.sync.engine.prefs.modified", false);
user_pref("services.sync.engine.tabs", false);


Status changed to: New idea
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Making moves

I also notice, when I interrupted the syncing of firefox sync, when I turned off everything except settings.

I think the bookmarks and passwords had already copied, but the addons, only a few had the time to install before I shut it off.

Apparently, this caused firefox sync to forget about all my other addons. I created a new profile, and only the add-ons that installed before I shut off now install.



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