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Strollin' around
Status: New idea

When in the Extension Manager (about:addons), Ctrl + F and the Search Box at the top of the page only lets you Search for more Add-Ons (Find more add-ons).

I want to be able to Search the page for Text, and quickly find an Add-On I've already installed with other Keywords. Especially in the "Manage Extension Shortcuts", I want to Search for the Keyboard Shortcuts I've already assigned. When there are 2 Shortcuts that are the same and come into conflict, if you have numerous Add-Ons installed, you have to painstakingly scroll through the Shortcuts page manually.

Status changed to: New idea
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A little trick:

  1. open any tab for example: `about:blank`
  2. open the search via `CTRL+F`
  3. click or `CTRL+L` into the urlbar and change the url to  `about:addons`

The `about:addons` page will load the previously opend Testsearch will be there and usable  at  the bottom.  Should look like this:

Textsearch in about:addonsTextsearch in about:addons

Making moves

I think this is now fixed in FF 112, see:

Strollin' around

Thank you @Anonymous  and @KERR ! I have to say that is a pretty nifty workaround. And I'm also happy to see it will be resolved in Firefox 112! Which seems it will be released on April 11th.